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Designer Claims To Have Had "Buzz Bunny" Moniker First

by on February 23, 2005

Will the real Buzz Bunny please stand up?

Seven's Buzz Bunny traffic has suddenly gone berserk the last few days,” Seven told Toon Zone.

“After some investigation I discovered that a few web pages around the world had linked to my page to illustrate that there already was a Buzz Bunny when Warner introduced their Loonatics. I actually hadn’t heard of the Loonatics until those pages started linking to my Buzz Bunny at Figurefarm.com.”

Figure Farm is a development company specializing in the creation of characters that can be used to brand or advertise companies, products, services or campaigns, the company’s website explains.

Seven’s Buzz Bunny design was one of the first he created for Figure Farm. According to Buzz’s backstory, he was once a regular rabbit who bit into a power cable, became an “intelligent electric superbunny” and embarked on a career as “a somewhat uncertain interplanetary superhero.”

“When I created the character I carefully consulted a trademark research specialist to avoid infringing any other character copyright with the same name or a possible look-a-like character,” says Seven. “I decided to go for the name ‘Buzz Bunny’ because my character is electrically charged, because he is a rabbit and because ‘Buzz Bunny’ nicely alliterates.”

Seven says he has not initiated legal proceedings against Warner Bros., but that he is currently exploring his options regarding the identity of the names.

This is not the only issue that Warner Bros. faces with the name “Buzz Bunny.” As various internet websites have noted, the phrase is also the name of an erotic device, a fact that can easily be discovered by putting the phrase into a search engine.

A spokesperson at Warner Bros. declined to comment. As previously reported, names for the Loonatics characters are still tentative.

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