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"DearS": "1st Contact," But It’s Not "Star Trek"

by on July 29, 2005

One year ago, our planet was invaded by aliens. Never heard about it? It happened in Japan’s Tokyo Bay. They weren’t threatening to take over the world, though, so there was no need to get Will Smith and a Macintosh to take them down. They’re just creepily hot babes. Creepy? No, they don’t have slimy skin or tentacles coming out of every orifice; they just have incredibly young faces on top of incredibly hot, occasionally naked bodies. Taking the name of “DearS”, these aliens have been integrated into Japanese society. But one high schooler, Takeya, still fears them. This is a problem he’ll have to overcome when a new one moves into his apartment.

I didn’t know anything about the series, but I would feel creeped out when I saw the manga. Something was just wrong about the art style, and I just couldn’t place it. Karl Olson had to point out the DigiCharat heads on top of the Go Nagai-styled bodies to me. After watching the first disc of the anime, I’m only slightly less disturbed.

Anyway, after accidentally crashing their ship into the Tokyo Bay, the aliens quickly learned the language and have been accepted into the country. Treated more like celebrities than freaks, all the DearS (named so for being dear friends) have been cataloged and begun a home-stay program.

But it turns out they missed one.

On his way home, Takeya, a standard video-shop employee/high school student, runs into a naked girl who can’t speak Japanese. He tries to help her out and ends up saving her life. Not wanting to leave the girl all alone, he brings her to his apartment.

You’ve seen it before, in shows like Elfen Lied and such. Guy and a female friend (here it’s the landlord’s daughter) tries to teach a weird, super-powered naked girl the language and how to eat some local delicacies, then they buy her some lingerie and get her accepted at his school. Problem here is, they were expecting another DearS, leading to a conflict between the two. Well, it’s purely one-sided, as the newly named Ren would be more interested in melon rolls than anything.

Outside of the freaky DigiCharat-ish chicks, there is another problem with the visuals. The show is overly digital, to the point that everything looks foggy and undefined at times. I’m not going to fault this show for it, but it seems to be an overwhelming and unwelcome new “feature” to Japanese productions.

The disc itself, like the DearS, is bare; unlike them, it’s also flat. You get an “art gallery” (nine pics), a non-credit opening, and Geneon previews.

While I did enjoy the show and would like to see more episodes, the disc is very disappointing. If you like the standard alien girl plot, you’ll probably enjoy it, but the technical problems by themselves would not lead me to recommend the DVD.

Episodes included on this disc:
Episode 1: “I Want To Nibble Sweetly”
Episode 2: “Was It Too Small?”
Episode 3: “Ball! Ball!”
Episode 4: “Wipe Your Mouth!”

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