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"Daphne In The Brilliant Blue Volume 2": A "Reunion" With Lackluster Ladies

by on August 7, 2005

See, this is why you always negotiate with chicks in bikinis.

Maia’s the new girl at Nereid, the local odd-jobs girls in the future. Things change when Yu Park, the close combat warrior of the group returns after serving a jail sentence for injuring twenty civilians during a case. Can Maia survive amidst a punch-drunk fighter, an egotistical branch manager, and car thieves long enough to become an expert racer?

Last time I partied with the girls of Daphne In The Brilliant Blue I was left with an empty wallet, a few cheesecake shots, and one burning question: How the hell did those uniforms stay on? Daphne wasn’t a horrid series, but it definitely didn’t stand out from the crowd, outside of the barely there outfits. I’ve seen better girls with guns series in Kiddy Grade. Does this second volume change that?

In “Call Me Rough Neck,” we meet the final member of Nereid. She’s in the intro, so you’ve seen her before. The blue-haired Yu Park is now out of jail. Before she rejoins the girls though, Maia is sent to spy on her. Maia is not a good spy, it turns out. Upon saving the day, Park is welcomed back by the group… except for Gloria, the tanned gun-girl. Guns and fists just don’t meld. This episode does begin a fun little tête-à-tête between Gloria and Yu Park.

“In The Heat Of The Night” brings back a crime show standard: car thieves. Brought into the near future with some sci-fi techniques, these car thieves are aided by the fact that Gloria and Yu Park are still at odds. There’s not much to say about this episode.

Then it’s the Take Your Daughter To Work Day from hell in “All That Papa.” The branch manager of Nereid has been telling his daughter about all the cases he worked on—which is fine except for the fact that he didn’t work on them. Swaying the girls to look subservient for him so he can look strong in front of his daughter, he goes out on what was supposed to be a fake mission but ends up getting entangled in a penguin-smuggling ring.

Casual Friday is taken to new heights.

Yes, a penguin-smuggling ring.

So this episode actually has some funny moments in it, all dealing with the role reversal of the girls and the branch managers.

Rounding out the disc, we get Speed Racer. No, wait, it’s “The Speeding”. One of the girls is a friend with a test driver for a big automobile company. They’re vying for the contract from the Ocean Agency, which looks to be shot to hell when the test driver breaks her arm in a freak accident. Maia, having tried out for the Ocean Agency, has all the requirements needed in a replacement, except for the ability to not vomit in the cockpit. Can’t forget the “Girls With Guns” aspect, though, and we soon find out that there’s something more sinister behind that freak accident.

I’ll admit I had a little more fun with this volume than the preceding one. Maybe it’s because all the “back story” has been taken care of. Maybe it’s because the cast has been fully assembled. Maybe because they’re not totally suited up throughout the disc. While new questions arose (what the hell is with Maia’s gigantic forehead?), I found myself just taking it at chest, er, face value and enjoying it. It’s not Shakespeare, but who really enjoys old Bill anyway?

Just like the first volume, extras are bleak. A creditless ending. Yay. Geneon previews and DVD credits are not extras, guys.

Don’t expect much from the bonuses or the actual series, but got a chance to see it cheap? Then it’s not too bad of a show to blow through.

Episodes that be on this disc:
Episode 5: “Call Me Rough Neck”
Episode 6: “In The Heat Of The Night”
Episode 7: “All That Papa”
Episode 8: “The Speeding”

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