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Dan Vs. “The Wedding” Recap

by on March 27, 2012

the girl Dan loves gets engaged to marry someone else, Dan vows
revenge on the wedding.

is by far one of the funniest episodes of the Dan Vs. I’ve seen to date; it had genuine emotion that really helped its comedic moments. Dan struggled in his own unique way with the fact
that the girl he loved is in love with someone else, although he refuses to admit his obvious feelings for her. This is definitely one of the times I’ve most empathized with Dan. As if the comedy and
characters weren’t already plenty, the episode also has an added
bonus for fans: continuity. The girl Dan loves is Hortense, and the
guy she’s marrying is Jeremiah Burger. Fans of the show will probably
smile just to read that, though if you’re not a fan the show does a great job of explaining who they are without spoiling past events. Put simply, Dan and Hortense were chained
together for awhile during a past episode while protesting bad
customer service, while Jeremiah Burger is the owner of the fast food joint they
were protesting at (although he wasn’t Dan’s enemy).

Without spoiling anything important to this episode’s humor, “The Wedding” starts with Dan complaining to some random
employee at his favorite fast food joint, Burgerphile, only to be
interrupted by the regional manager, A.K.A. Hortense. After learning
that she’s getting married to Jeremiah, Dan
vows revenge against the wedding, and from there Dan Vs. follows its
usual pattern of Dan trying increasingly complex plans of revenge as things build up to a final climax. This episode pulls it all of
beautifully with many wonderful twists and turns along the way, such
as Dan becoming a Bridesmaid, getting a makeover, and my favorite scene where he’s actually falling out of
a plane. All in all it’s a very satisfying episode, and I have to mostly agree
with Dan’s final statement  at the end. However, that would’ve been a lot funnier if it had been a punchline saved for the end and not something Dan had already said earlier in the episode. Either way, “The Wedding” is a great episode that I fully recommend.

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