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Dan Vs. “The Telemarketer” Recap

by on May 25, 2012

Dan declares revenge after being harassed day and night by a telemarketer.

This episode starts with Dan complaining to his best friend, Chris,
about a telemarketer calling him constantly since 9 AM. Chris
immediately “solves” the problem by putting Dan on the super do-not-call list. Dan’s satisfied until later that night when the
telemarketer calls him anyway and deliberately mocks Dan’s efforts
to block him. So Dan declares revenge on the telemarketer and unsurprisingly goes to Chris and Elise’s house, but even there the telemarketer calls on one of the house
phones. Annoyed that the telemarketer called their place, Elise
agrees to help find the caller. Upon tracking him down, they
discover the telemarketer is none other than the imposter who tried
to steal Dan’s identity in a previous episode. Naturally Dan tries
multiple times to get revenge but each time the imposter is one step
ahead, intending to get revenge on Dan for sending him to jail by making Dan seem insane.

I don’t think this is one of the best episodes as I didn’t care for the ending, but that’s more a
matter of personal taste. All
in all, “The Telemarketer” was another well done episode; it was well thought out as usual and I enjoy the animosity between Dan and Elise. The continuity was also a nice bonus in addition to the usual humor.

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