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Dan Vs. “The Monster Under the Bed” Recap

by on March 6, 2012


Dan accidentally summons an ancient beast he has to find a way to get
rid of it before it devours him.

That was the only word that went through my head in the moments after
watching this episode. I wasn’t sure what to think of
the premise of the episode at first. The show has done
some ridiculous things, but the monster under the bed sounded
like it was going too far. However, after seeing the episode, I can
say with certainty that it was not. The creators took an atypical approach to this episode and gave it a somewhat
cinematic feel. What makes this episode so great is how many elements
of it were built up to in previous episodes. The characters are great
as always. And the show finally revealed some of the aftermath of an earlier episode with Dan going to Canada again near the end of the episode. The ending is
absolutely stunning. Thanks to solid writing this is one of the best
Dan VS.’s to date. It is one of my personal favorites.

The episode starts with Dan and his female cat (Mr. Mumbles, whom I’m glad is safe
since the events of two episodes ago) being driven from their home in
the middle of the night by a mysterious monster which appears from
under Dan’s bed. Dan immediately leaves for Chris and
Elise’s house where he enlists the help of his best friend Chris to
get rid of the monster under his bed. Chris doesn’t believe but goes
along anyway, since there’s no way for him to get out of it (too
much of a pushover). The initial investigation leads nowhere as the monster has vanished. The next morning Dan plans out a
trap for the monster and then sets it. Unfortunately, that night the
monster comes back and the trap only makes it angry. With one of its
tentacles it puts a mark on Dan’s forehead. Soon Dan convinces both
Chris and Elise to come along for another investigation. Elise is
more thorough and discovers a scale from an unknown species, which
she takes to a lab to analyze. Meanwhile, Dan takes the more
supernatural approach and enlists the help of a very fake medium,
Madame Zelda, who also happens to be a character from a previous
episode (George Washington). The visit allows Dan to obtain some ‘magic’ figurines,
which he quickly puts in his apartment in the hope that they’ll keep the
monster away. While Dan makes his preparations, Elise discovers that the creature is from
another dimension. Things go from bad to worse as the figurines prove
worthless and it’s discovered that the mark on Dan’s head is a sign
that he’s been chosen to be devoured by the beast. In an attempt to
banish the creature Dan must perform a ritual which involves going
all the way to Canada. Dan goes and the climatic and brilliantly
shocking final scene takes place. I however shan’t spoil anything
of it.

this episode is hilarious, it isn’t just comedy. The characters all
have a lot of depth and are definitely showing some growth. It was
great to see Madame Zelda again if for no other reason than it being
another person added to the growing list of Dan’s enemies (which I
expect will add up to something really big one of these days). Seeing
further aftermath of the Canada episode was great. This episode also has some fun, subtle hints of the ending. There is a
really hilarious reference to something if you can find it. Although
I won’t spoil anything I will say that the ending seemed to set up
for something interesting, yet next episode is just another normal
one. Oh well, that’s a mild issue as we can’t expect to see every
single one of Dan’s innumerable (mis)adventures.

brilliant episode and it’s no surprise that this show is one my
current favorites. It’s incredibly well written and I’m excited for
the day when the aftermath of this episode is revealed. I only
recommend this episode to fans however, as you can’t fully enjoy this
particular episode without first being attached to the characters.
Enjoy, and be careful not to summon any monsters yourself.

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