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Dan Vs. “The Gym” Recap

by on March 8, 2012

he’s unable to cancel his membership, Dan vows revenge against the

“The Gym” begins simply enough with Dan being forced to go to a gym with his friends (Chris and Elise), who are trying to help him.
After getting a free trial membership and one intense workout, Dan
is so exhausted that he can’t
move for two days. After this Dan tries to cancel his membership,
only to discover he can’t since he had a 48-hour period to
cancel and is now stuck with a year’s membership. Thus, Dan vows
revenge against the gym. After his first unsuccessful revenge attempt,
Chris joins Dan’s side due to the gym trying to put him on a diet (never put Chris on a diet).
Dan and Chris follow the gym’s
owner, only for Chris to discover a shocking secret not shown to the
audience. Before Chris can say what it is, he’s captured and Dan
makes his escape. Next Elise is captured after she grows suspicious, which is kind of disappointing in that she didn’t put up more of a fight. When Dan finally becomes the target soon after, it’s up to him to save the day.

is one of my favorite episodes in this season of Dan Vs. It was hilarious as usual with excellent characters, comedy and pacing. It takes
something normal which some people can’t stand, the gym, and
escalates it up to a bizarre level with an unexpected twist. Dan often states something ridiculous
which turns out to be true (such as when he went up against the
wolfman), but this time he didn’t figure out what was going on until it was made obvious. Although, to be fair, there were not many hints given about it. Anyhow I found it funny how calmly Dan
accepted the truth as if it was perfectly normal; in his world, it probably is. There was also yet another reference
to whatever it was that happened between Dan and his grandma.

episode is rather simple in plot, especially compared to some other
episodes of the show, but there’s something really refreshing and satisfying about that. It’s no less rich in characterization and humor than normal, and as always that’s especially true for Dan. I fully recommend this episode. Remember: Feel the burn, love the
burn, taste the rainbow.

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