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Dan Vs. “The Dinosaur” Recap

by on May 8, 2012

a dinosaur crushes Dan’s car, he declares revenge. Meanwhile, Elise is
tasked with humanly capturing the Dino and keeping it out of the
public’s attention.

“The Dinosaur” starts simply enough with a parody of Jurassic Park as a couple of
workers are moving a large crate. In a hilarious moment the crate is busted open, and out comes a T-Rex wearing a collar. Cut to Dan, who’s
sleeping on the couch with his cat before getting a rude awakening from the morning news. Dan doesn’t have time to do much
before the dinosaur appears and sits on his car, causing Dan to declare revenge. Dan approaches Chris while he’s teaching his brother-in-law Ben how to drive and gets him to help. Chris doesn’t believe Dan, but he ends up going along to help anyway. I find it annoying that Chris doesn’t believe Dan after all
the stuff they’ve seen and been through, but that just means he’ll get proven wrong. After this we get a scene where Elise is tasked with humanely and secretly capturing the dinosaur, which was created by the government.

Dan, Chris, and Ben drive around searching for the dinosaur. In another Jurassic Park reference a kid shares how a dinosaur ate his dog, so Dan decides to round up all the dogs in the neighborhood to use them as bait. Unfortunately, the Dino’s collar only has the name
Tyra and no contact information. While Elise begins the cover up, Dan
changes tactics and decides to recruit an expert hunter: Mel Darwin, an Australian reptile expert known as the Reptile Wrangler, a parody of the late Crocodile Hunter. Despite his eccentricities,
Mel actually is a great tracker and they soon find Tyra at the
museum. Unfortunately, their efforts don’t quite work out; Ben messes up, Chris gets eaten and the Dino goes on a rampage and quickly becomes the center of media attention, leading to Dan and Elise teaming up to destroy the dinosaur. The climatic scenes successfully redeem Ben and make Dan even more likable, all while tying up all the loose ends and ending on a hilarious final scene.

Dan goes up against a dinosaur, how epic is that?! This
is a really satisfying episode that was both hilarious and well thought out. The inclusion of Ben was nice as the character
added plenty of comedy to the episode, and he hasn’t really gotten much use before now. “The Dinosaur” is one of my favorite episodes to date and I fully recommend it.

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