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Dan Vs. “The Catburglar” Recap

by on April 4, 2012

a catburglar steals Dan’s cat, he launches an investigation to find

“The Catburglar” is a parody of those old black and white detective movies,
with the plot structured as such. Most of the episode is a flashback
as Dan humorously narrates what happened in his “tough guy”
voice. Characters and comedy are both top notch as usual, and some new
characters are present as well. There’s Honey O’ Houlihan, a femme
fatale whose exaggerated personality beautifully aids the comic relief. Then there’s Franky the Poacher (the most notorious and corrupt illegal
pets dealer) along with his two henchmen.

new characters are really the backbone of the plot, which is more complex than usual and makes this episode a nice change of pace. It
begins with Dan arriving home while it’s raining, injured and
wearing a trench coat. Then he begins narrating what happened into a
tape recorder and the flashback begins. The day started normally
enough when there was a knock on the door and Honey O’ Houlihan came
into his life. Her cat was stolen and with no one else to turn, to she
turned to Dan for help. When Dan starts an investigation his
own female cat (Mr. Mumbles) also goes missing, so he vows revenge on the
catburglar. The police are useless, so Dan tracks down Honey and soon
she has him involved with the Dangerous Franky the Poacher and his
goons. It all leads up to a satisfying conclusion where Dan mounts a rescue, culminating in in a car chase. Personally
I quite enjoyed this episode; once again the show was well thought out, well paced and hilarious.

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