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Dan Vs. “The Bank” Recap

by on February 14, 2012

the banks ATM fee goes up by 50 cents, Dan vows revenge and decides
to rob the bank…of 50 cents. Meanwhile, Elise needs money fast to
pay terrorists in order to keep a deadly chemical out of the wrong

If you know anything about this show and that summary didn’t make you at least crack a smile, then I don’t know
what can be done to to convince you to watch this beyond informing you that this episode is more fun than it sounds – and I don’t write that lightly. This is one of the greatest episodes of Dan Vs. to date.

The plot is kept
simple as it explains why Dan vows revenge on the bank and why Elise needs the money. When Elise finds out that Dan’s against the bank, the two of them plan to pull off a heist after making one quick trip to gather intel. As with the show in general the real fun in this episode is the characters and the attention to detail, as we see with the background signs that make a parody of the bank. Dan and Elise are exact opposites in their methods of robbing the bank, while Chris is stuck in the middle as he’s forced into going along with the robbery by his best friend and his wife. Chris has also been pushed around a lot by his friend, and here he finally reaches a breaking point and literally attacks Dan. Another thing I
enjoy is how the show works as a sort of therapy by targeting something we can all relate to (the bank fees) and letting out all its aggression on it.

“The Bank” had everything that makes the show great and the ending left me fully satisfied, as Dan’s anger, Elise’s secrets, and Chris unwillingness to be involved were all played out beautifully. I fully
recommend this episode to everyone.

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