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Dan Vs. “Stupidity” Recap

by on May 8, 2012

Angry at how stupid everyone in America is getting, Dan declares
revenge on stupidity and aims his assault at
the Governor.

been up against some weird and strange things before, but never
something quite as intangible as stupidity. How do you go up against
something like that? Apparently by aiming at a politician, a premise that cracked me up. The
episode starts superbly with Dan stuck in traffic behind a student
driver. He calls his best friend, Chris, to complain about how stupid
drivers are. Soon it turns into a conversation about the stupidity in
America itself. Dan’s points are proven by several funny incidents
which lead to Dan’s car being damaged, so he declares revenge on
stupidity. Once again, Dan goes to Chris’s house to recruit his minion for his scheme. Chris doesn’t
care about Dan’s plight and wants to watch some really stupid show instead, which only appalls Dan even more. Soon the show is
preempted by the governor, who’s shown to be clearly inept, so Dan decides to confront him and Chris unsurprisingly
tags along so he can stop to get food along the way.

When they make it to the governor he is quite unhelpful and promptly
throws them out, which only fuels Dan’s resolve for revenge. His goal isn’t to magically make everyone smarter, just to stop the downward spiral. From there Chris, ever knowledgeable about food, reveals that he
heard the governor has a public appearance at a local diner scheduled
for the afternoon, so Dan and Chris go off to the diner. The governor does indeed show up, but things don’t work out well for Dan as the politician is able to slide his way out of giving straight
answers and escapes to watch the stupid movie mentioned earlier in
the episode. The diner incident isn’t a waste though, as Dan
steals the governors briefcase. Inside is proof that a conspiracy to deliberately make America stupider is indeed in effect, so Dan and
Chris sneak into the governor’s office to put a stop to it.

that, there’s also a subplot involving Chris entering an
eating contest called the Gullet Bowl. While it’s funny and well done, it also just feels randomly thrown into the episode and has no real connection to the main plot. I didn’t bother mentioning it
in the last paragraph ’cause it isn’t really connected to the main
plot aside from being another example of a downward spiral towards stupidity.

I was expecting to be blown away by the
hilariousness of this episode. Instead the humor is not the best that the show has offered; perhaps they thought that the conspiracy behind stupidity would be funnier than it was. While humorous, it wasn’t unexpected considering that I’ve seen much stranger things in this show before. I found “Stupidity” funny and well thought out; one
thing I really liked about it was how Dan actually had a
valid reason behind wanting revenge. It wasn’t just selfishness or
simple revenge, but Dan actually loving his country enough that he doesn’t
want to see it get any worse. Surprisingly, Dan turns out to be more
of a patriot than a pinhead. Although not the funniest the show has ever
been, “Stupidity” is still a pretty good episode and I
recommend it.

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