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Dan Vs. “Golf” Recap

by on March 6, 2012

golfing with his boss keeps Chris from helping with the preparations
for Mr. Mumbles birthday party, Dan declares revenge on golf.

occurs to me that Mr. Mumbles (Dan’s female cat) is often a strong
motivation for Dan beyond the revenge plot. Which is great as it
adds more depth to Dan’s character and is further proof that Dan
isn’t really such a jerk (very, very, very) deep inside. Also, since I
love animals, I deeply enjoy the cat’s presence on the show. As such I
would like to take a moment to write: Happy Birthday Mr. Mumbles!!! Damage to his car is what pushes Dan over the edge, but it’s his devotion to providing a proper birthday for Mr. Mumbles that has him wound up from the start. I find the lengths to which Dan goes for his cat to
be impressive, and almost endearing. Of course let us bear in mind,
Dan usually takes everything to extremes. Unfortunately, despite all that Mr.
Mumbles only plays a minor role in the episode, as
Dan’s motivation doesn’t require his cat to be there every step of
the way.

fact the episode even starts with Dan trying to find his best friend
due to Chris’ promise to help with Mr. Mumbles’ birthday party. Chris isn’t home, which leads Dan to conduct a quick investigation.
The clue leads Dan to the Golf Course. At
the golf course it’s revealed that Chris is playing golf with his
boss, which is also why he refuses to leave. Then a golfball damages
Dan’s car and revenge is vowed. Attempt number one is a hilarious
scene as Dan pretends to be a caddy. Then there’s a break before
Dan’s second revenge attempt as he goes to the pet store to buy Mr.
Mumbles a cake. Although the cake is impressive things don’t quite
work out which only strengthens Dan’s resolve to get revenge on golf.
Next, he tries to enlist Elise’s help by warning her of the dangers
her husband is in from golf. She thinks the warning ridiculous and
Dan leaves. However, when Dan’s warning starts to prove true, she
joins in the fight against golf. Meanwhile, Dan is almost seduced by
the luxury at the Country Club where the golf game is taking place,
almost. It all leads to a big golf tournament with Chris’s job on the
line, with both Dan and (secretly) Elise working together trying to make
Chris lose the tournament. It’s a long and hilarious scene. After which
is the episodes final scene, also funny and I’m not going to spoil

Vs. Golf is yet another well done and well-paced episode of the show. Very
funny as always. The characters are great and the episode introduces some new ones. The only real issue is that this episode pales in comparison, if ever so slightly, coming right after last week’s episode and its epic ending. Still, I fully recommend this episode. Have a
great day, and try not to become another victim of golf.

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