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Dan Vs. “Dancing” Recap

by on February 7, 2012

dancing keeps Dan from enjoying a TV show marathon with his best
friend, he vows revenge. This however coincides with Elise’s dream of
winning a dance trophy. So Elise ships him off to a desolate town
where Dan must learn dance to survive.

this time Dan’s up against dancing. Now I don’t really care for
dancing myself but nevertheless I highly enjoyed this episode. It was
hilarious with great characters, as usual. Another thing I found
great was the originality of the story, it was rather different than the typical
pattern the show normally takes. Normally Dan tries out various
schemes before a big finale is reached. But in this episode Dan only
attempts one scheme before he gets shipped off to a desolate town.

episode starts with Dan and his cat (Mr. Mumbles) watching some TV
show while bored out of their wits. Dan explains to his cat that they
have to wait for Chris so they can begin watching a marathon of a TV
show which Dan has on DVD. In the meantime they try finding something
interesting to watch, but all that’s on is boring dance shows.
Annoyed, Dan tries calling Chris only to get the answering machine. Now thoroughly pissed off, Dan goes to his friends’ house. Only to
find Chris and (Chris’s wife) Elise dancing. Dan learns they’re
training for a Dance Competition and vows revenge against dancing.
His first major attempt by weakening the structural integrity of the
Dance Hall pisses Elise off so much so that she knocks him out and
ships him to the small ruined town of Pembroke. A place filled with
feral humans who constantly dance for survival using a style of dance
known as Fight Dancing. It’s a place Dan can only survive in by
learning how to dance. And the show does offer a humorous
explanation behind why the place exists as it does. From this point
on the episode shifts back and forth between Dan as he learns dance
from an old dance master (funny and purposely cliché), and Elise &
Chris as they train relentlessly for the Dance Competition. Both
plotlines ultimately come together at the Dance Hall.

was really only a matter of time before Elise finally shipped Dan off
to somewhere in the world and I found this episode very satisfying
once all was said and done. Although I am still worried about the
fate of Mr. Mumbles. They were multiple running gags including one
that’s a continuation from previous episodes. It’s nice that Dan
learned a new skill, and I’m certain I haven’t seen the last of Fight Dancing. Elise’s excessive desire to win the competition was
unnerving, especially how controlling she is of her husband at times.
Still, all things considered this was a great episode and I fully
recommend to fans and otherwise. And remember, to defeat the dance
you must become the dance.

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