"Tenchi Muyo GXP! Volume 5: The Living Ship" Returns Home

Seina Yamada is the unluckiest person in the universe. That may seem like a bold claim, but he biologically is! That makes him one of the most prized pirate hunters in the Galaxy Police–he’s natural bait! But even bait needs to take a break now and then, so he and the gang take a vacation […]

"Martian Successor Nadesico Volume 2" Not Essential, But Enjoyable

The Nadesico, a high-powered space ship piloted by a highly-out-of-place crew, is leading the fight for survival against the Jovians, a lizardian race from Jupiter hell-bent on destroying the Earth after having destroyed the colonies on Mars years ago. But when the crew of the Nadesico meet an unexpected enemy, the fate of the war […]

"Fruits Basket" Vol. 4: A "Clearing Sky" Reveals Dark Clouds

Tohru Honda has lived with the Sohmas for nearly a year and she keeps meeting new family members, all with the same curse: when hugged by a member of the opposite gender, a Sohma turns into one of the animals of the Chinese Zodiac (plus a cat). Despite having lived co-ed with Yuki and Kyo, […]

"Ikki Tousen" Vol. 1: "Legendary Fighters" Engage in Legendary Fanservice

In the 1800’s, a legendary fighter was able to take out one hundred men during a single fight. Years later in modern time, has this legendary fighter been reborn in the body of a ditzy high school girl known more for her “booby bombs” than her brains? Hakufu Sonsaku just transferred to Nanyo High School, […]

Universal Ratings Report for Saturday 2/5

Kids 6-11 Ratings for Saturday, February 5, 2005 Notes: All Times Eastern An (S) Denotes Special Presentation Broadcast Networks: Kids WB (8 am – 12 pm): (2.9/13 Average) 8:00 am – What’s New Scooby-Doo? (1.2/8) 8:30 am – ¡Mucha Lucha! Gigante (1.9/9) 9:00 am – Teen Titans (2.5/11) 9:30 am – Xiaolin Showdown (3.4/14) 10:00 […]

Handicapped Students Produce Animated Short

A group of visually and physically challenged children in Bhopal, working with two Belgian animation filmmakers, have produced a short animated film, New Kerala reports. The children conceived, directed, and lent their voices to the short.

Toy Biz Gets "Curious George" Toy License

Toy Biz has been named master pre-school toy licensee for the Curious George animated movie and the television series, the company said today. Toy Biz will release a toy line-up that includes action figures, playsets and vehicles, novelty figures, animatronics, role-playing toys, pre-school matching/memory games, and infant toys. Curious George will premiere in theaters on […]

"Kids Next Door" Trading Card Game Coming this Summer

Hasbro will release a Code Name: Kids Next Door Trading Card Game based on the Cartoon Network series, the toy company said today. The $8.99 starter set and $2.99 booster sets will be available starting this summer. Hasbro made the announcement as part of a release describing the products it would showcase at the 2005 […]

Best Western Joins Cartoon Network Tsunami-Relief Program

Best Western Hotels will team with Cartoon Network’s “Kids Help Out” Tsunami-relief program by matching donations kids have or will continue make to UNICEF, the companies said today. Best Western will direct its recently announced $400,000 UNICEF donation to this matching funds effort. Donations from kids (under age 18) to UNICEF tsunami relief and recovery […]

Disney Shareholders Reelect Board of Directors

Shareholders of Walt Disney Company reelected all twelve members of its board of directors at the company’s annual meeting today, giving each board member at least 92% of the vote, the company says. Shareholders also approved the appointment of PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP as the company’s independent accountants, approved the company’s 2005 Stock Incentive Plan, and voted […]

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