"Cyberchase" Marathon Airs April 15

PBS Kids Go! will launch Cyberchase‘s fourth season with a Cyberchase: Know Your Dough marathon on April 15. To celebrate the effort, New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg will proclaim April 15, 2005 as CYBERCHASE: KNOW YOUR DOUGH DAY in New York City. That morning, Bianca and Harry, the live-action stars of Cyberchase For Real, will […]

"Cromartie High School" Anime Preview Available On-line

Comicon.com’s the Beat weblog has noted that Amazon.com is offering an exclusive clip of ADV Films’ Cromartie High School. The offbeat anime DVD and manga were just released in the United States.

Michael Barrier Interviews Brad Bird

Animation historian Michael Barrier posted an interview with Incredibles director Brad Bird. The two discuss the influences (or lack of influence) of other superhero comic books on the movie, hand-drawn vs. CGI animation, Will Eisner’s The Spirit comic strip, the making of The Iron Giant, and a small raft of projects that never got off […]

Disney Channel Receives Nine Emmy Nominations; WDTA Receives Seven

The Disney Channel was nominated in nine categories for the 32nd Annual Daytime Emmy Awards this year; Disney Channel’s sister studio, Walt Disney Television Animation, was honored with seven nominations. Disney’s Kim Possible received five nominations, including Outstanding Children’s Animated Program and Outstanding Performer in an Animated Series for the voice of Kim Possible, actress […]

"Jay Jay the Jet Plane" Lands In Israel

Jay Jay the Jet Plane will begin airing in June of this year on IETV in Israel and will be broadcast nationwide on terrestrial Channel 1 and cable Channel 23, AWN reports.

4Kids and Fineline Holdings Announce Licensing Agreement

Fineline Holdings, Inc., a cartoon character creation studio, has entered into a licensing agreement with 4Kids Entertainment, Inc. Under the terms of the agreement, 4Kids is being retained to represent the film and television rights for the Moodies character group. 4Kids Entertainment’s exclusive licensing program also includes various product categories presently under development. The initial […]

A 'Behind-the-Scenes' Look at "The Simpsons"

New Zealand news site Stuff takes a behind-the-scenes look at the making of The Simpsons. The series is animated in Seoul, South Korea at AKOM Production Co.

"Empire Sq." Comes to TV, Internet, and Mobile Phones in U.K.

Xfm Online reports on Empire Sq., a new animation scheduled to hit TV screens, the Internet, and mobile phones in the U.K.

Newsarama Digs Into Superman Copyright Claim by Siegel Estate

Newsarama.com has posted an update to the battle over copyright to Superboy between the estate of Jerry Siegel, co-creator of Superman with Joe Shuster, and Time-Warner, parent company of DC Comics. In addition to linking to the text of the Siegel’s complaints and Time-Warner’s repsonse and counterclaim, Newsarama notes that the Siegel estate has retained […]

DC Lowers Canadian Comic Prices

Canadian comic readers will have a little extra money to put in the bank this week. Beginning this week with all of their “May 2005″ dated releases, DC Comics has significantly lowered Canadian prices on all their regular format titles. The new prices are as follows: $2.25 US comics will now be $3.00 CAN, a […]

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