Review, Images, of "BTAS Vol. 2" DVD Set Online

DVD Toons has a review for the upcoming Batman: The Animated Series – Volume One DVD set now online. Also, over thirty detailed images from the box artwork for the DVD set are online, viewable here, courtesy of Superhero Times. Discuss this news here on The DC Animation Forum. Stay tuned for more updates on […]

ABC Schedules Valentines 'Charlie Brown' & 'Pooh'

ABC has scheduled two classic Valentine’s Day specials to air on Saturday, February 12, from 8:00pm to 9:00pm (ET/PT). A Charlie Brown Valentine will air at 8:00pm, followed by A Valentine for You, Winnie the Pooh at 8:30pm. [Source: ABC]

"Petite Princess Yucie Vol.1": FLCL for the Kids

Gainax, the long-time mavericks of the anime industry, have done it again. This is a company whose series have rewritten the playbook for anime (Nadia, Evangelion, FLCL and Ebichu) and radically changed the Japanese game industry with its daughter-raising simulator Princess Maker, which effectively launched bishoujo (pretty girl) games into the mainstream in Japan. Now […]

'Superman' DVD Set Gives Super Treatment To Classic Series

After years and years filled with innumerable petitions and online ranting and raving, Warner Bros. has finally given us what we’ve been demanding: a nice, big, box set of DVDs collecting episodes of Superman: The Animated Series. The series, which ran in the late 1990s on Kids WB! before moving into reruns on Cartoon Network, […]

Disney Picks June 10 For "Howl" Premiere

Buena Vista has penciled in a June 10 release date for Howl’s Moving Castle, Box Office Mojo reports. (via Animated-News)

"Willo the Wisp" Revived in New Series

The UK’s Wilo TV is reviving the eighties preschool series Willo the Wisp, Indiantelevision reports. The series, which is being animated by India’s Toonz Animation, is expected to be ready for air in November.

YTV Schedules New JLU in "Super-Sized Weekend"

YTV will program a Super-Sized Weekend of Superman programming in early March to mark the debut of Smallville on its lineup, the network says. YTV will begin airing new episodes of Justice League Unlimited on Friday, March 4, at 9:00pm, and will air special showings of Justice League episodes “Secret Origins” on Saturday, March 5, […]

Tokyopop Hires Bartlett, Seidenburg to Adapt TV Titles

Craig Bartlett has completed develop work on Stray Sheep, a series based on the characters created by Tatsutoshi Nomura, for TokyoPop, Anime News Network reports. Tokyopop has also hired Mark Seidenburg to write a script adapting Karma Club for the small screen.

Latin Distributors Strike Deals for New Toons

LedaFilms S.A. has picked up Latin American broadcast rights to a package of animated and live-action programs from IDT Entertainment, including Todd McFarlane’s Spawn and Tony Hawk in Boom Boom Goes to the Circus, AWN reports. The agreement covers such countries as Mexico, Argentina, Venezuela and Brazil. Separately, World Screen Daily reports that Hola Entertainment […]

Geneon Announces Five DVD Releases

Geneon Entertainment has announced five DVD releases for the first quarter of 2005. * Stellvia: Foudation III will be released on February 8 with a retail price of $24.98. * Saiyuki Reload: Volume 1 will be released on February 8 with a retail price of $29.98. An edition with collector’s box will retail for $39.98. […]

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