Bart Simpson's Voice Elected Mayor of L.A. Suburb

Nancy Cartwright, the voice actress who plays Bart Simpson, has been elected mayor of Northridge, CA. News reports suggest that neither job will suffer due to the other. (via Comicon.com’s The Beat weblog)

G.I. Joe's Snake Eyes Gets Origin in August

Devil’s Due Publishing has announced Snake Eyes: Declassified, a six-issue mini-series that promises to reveal the life story of the enigmatic and wildly popular ninja commando in G.I. Joe. The mini-series is to be written by Brandon Jerwa with artwork by Emiliano Santalucia and Jeremy Roberts. Issue #1 is scheduled for release in August 2005. […]

"Team America": Gunslinging Puppets? [Expletive] Yeah!

Commentary on American foreign policy has become such a popular global pastime over the last few years that it may soon be proposed as an Olympic event. It would be no odder than watching Team America, South Park-creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone’s ultra-violent, pornographic puppet movie on the subject. The film sets out to […]

Fred Crippen Hosting Session at ASIFA-Hollywood

ASIFA-Hollywood will host “The Art of Animation Timing: A Master Session with Fred Crippen” on Saturday, May 21, at 3:00pm. The creator of Roger Ramjet will discuss that series as well as UPA shorts and Sesame Street spots that he has worked on. The session will take place at the Ted Ashley/Warner Bros. Screening Room […]

Fox Picks Up Distribution Rights to "The Roach Approach"

Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment will distribute Wacky World Studio’s The Roach Approach videos to general and Christian retail markets in the U.S. and Canada, AWN reports. The first two videos, Roach Approach: Don’t Miss the Boat and Roach Approach: The Mane Event! will be released on August 23 for $14.98 apiece. Animated Bliss has […]

"Tetsujin 28" Coming to DVD

Tetsujin 28 (Vol.1) Monster Resurrected will be released to DVD on September 27, Animated Bliss reports. It will retail for $29.98; a collector’s edition with box will retail for $34.98.

"Yvon of the Yukon" Sails to Asia

Yvon of the Yukon will join Nickelodeon Asia’s 24-hour channels under a deal between the network and producer Studio B, c21 Media reports.

"Shuriken School" Gets Videogame Spinoff

Zinkia Entertainment will produce a videogame based on its animated series Shuriken School, c21 Media reports.

BKN Looks To Raise Money for New Toons

BKN International is exploring a deal that would finance two new animated series, Shanghai Tiger and Triple Threat from Outer Space, by selling 1.5 million shares in the company, World Screen reports. The proposed deal would raise eight million euros through the private placement of the new stock.

"Yu-Gi-Oh! GX" Comes to Cartoon Network This Fall (Updated 5/19)

4Kids Entertainment will launch a new Yu-Gi-Oh! series, entitled Yu-Gi-Oh! GX, this September on both Cartoon Network’s Miguzi block and on Kids WB. The show is scheduled to air daily on both networks. Yu-Gi-Oh! GX will launch with a large licensing program that includes new CCG releases, video games, and toys from Mattel. [Source: Cynthia […]

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