Star Wars: The Force Awakens Bad Guy Unmasked


On the occasion of the unofficial Star Wars holiday, May the 4th, Vanity Fair Magazine has published a new article revealing several previously-unknown characters and set pieces from Star Wars: The Force Awakens, including the unhooded debut of the film’s villain. Here’s a hint: it’s someone who previously starred on Girls. Gives you a chill, […]

Review: "Teen Titans Go! The Complete First Season" is Good Stupid Fun

Teen Titans Go Brain Food

According to the conventional wisdom of the Internet, Teen Titans Go! is an abomination that sullies the name of DC Animation with completely juvenile humor and idiocy. I don’t have much use for conventional wisdom, though, and am totally willing to risk losing my superhero street cred by saying I love Teen Titans Go! with […]

New "Harvey Beaks" Episodes During "Throwdown of Niceness" on May 2, 2015


New Trailer for "Kahlil Gibran's The Prophet" Released

Kahlil Gibran's The Prophet

Cartoon Network Premieres for May 4, 2015: "Uncle Grandpa," "Clarence," "Teen Titans Go," "Adventure Time," & More


"Star Wars Rebels" Season Two Premieres June 20, 2015

Star Wars Rebels

Exclusive Clip from "Maya the Bee Movie"


Giants And Dragons Beware: Rafael Rosado Is Out There


Columbus Alive! has published a profile of Rafael Rosado, animation industry veteran who has stacked up Animaniacs, The Venture Bros, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and countless others on his resume. But if you ask him what his real passion is, he’ll point to a drawing of a short redhead girl with a wooden sword. The […]

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Reaches Ascendance On PS4 And PC


The period of exclusivity has ended, and now anyone who owns Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare on any platform can get the Ascendance DLC, the second of four planned DLC packs for the game. This new DLC contains four new battle maps: Perplex, a changing and shifting apartment complex being constantly reconstructed by drones; Site […]

Paper Mario, Puzzles, Dragons And More In This Week's Nintendo Download


This week in the Nintendo Download, another beloved N64 game is added to the Wii U Virtual Console: Paper Mario. If you somehow never played it, it’s only ten bucks (those who already owned the game on Wii have only a buck fifty to pay). Free this week is the demo machine amiibo Tap: Nintendo’s […]

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