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Craig McCracken on "Powerpuff Girls Rule!!!" and Cartoonstitute

by on January 20, 2009

Newsarama’s Animated Shorts has spoken with Craig McCracken about The Powerpuff Girls — specifically, the new “The Powerpuff Girls Rule!!!” special episode and the 10th anniversary DVD set. Among other things, McCracken discusses how the show was greenlit, where the inspiration for Mojo Jojo came from, and getting the band back together for the special episode.

McCracken also discusses his work with Cartoon Network’s Cartoonstitute, and notes that his longtime friend and colleague Genndy Tartakovsky is “still doing some projects for Cartoon Network” including a short for the Cartoonstitute.

UPDATED: Part 2 of the interview has been posted, where he discusses what it’s like working with animators who grew up with the Powerpuff Girls and Dexter’s Laboratory, the contents of the new 10th Anniversary DVD set, his work at the Cartoonstitute, and the origins of the Damishita! Powerpuff Girls Z anime project.

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