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Cool Stuff: The Nature of Battle

by on January 13, 2010

Here’s a short from Emily Carr University of Art and Design graduate, Nat Dart. So far as environmental propaganda goes, this one was fairly enjoyable. It uses well-thought out shots, shadows and muted colors to convey the stark, war torn landscape. Biplanes fly overhead. The music lulls you into a relaxed state and then yanks you right back to awareness with an explosion of music heavily inspired by Pink Floyd’s “Breathe”. With the twist of the use of seeds instead of bombs, the short really comes alive visually. Color begins to make its way in during the explosions of plant growth. My only complaint is that I wish it hadn’t borrowed so heavily from Pink Floyd. I could probably go on, but these posts are meant to be short and I might as well just let you enjoy it. 
What are your thoughts on this short?

The Nature of Battle from Nat Dart on Vimeo.

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