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Cool Stuff: Mundo Mudo

by on October 13, 2009

Mundo Mudo is a music video that teaches us that a stick figure man can be a glutton and kind of a jerk too. After (I suppose) a really bad day, stick figure man begins eating non-stop and then grows quite large. What’s one to do when that happens? Why, devour a city, of course. After realizing what his gluttonous rampage has wrought, stick figure man cries a single tear and then, through a hole he rips in his chest, regurgitates every single rainbow-colored building, pony, Mona Lisa painting and whale he has eaten.

Thanks to both Bam Studios and the Brazilian rock band, Terceira Edição, for tonight’s forthcoming nightmares.

Mundo Mudo from Bam Studio on Vimeo.

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