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Cool Stuff: A la lumière du Vent

by on February 18, 2010

I think I might be a very simple-minded person, for a couple of reasons. The first being the part of this short’s description which piqued my interest. 
This short film is called, A la lumière du Vent and for the duration of it, we take part in experiencing the daily routine of a man living in a mountain retreat with his cat automaton. It’s at that point that I thought, “Well, I like cat robots”. That’s right. I watched it because it had a cat robot in it. 
I should mention that you’ll be sorely disappointed if you’re expecting anything goofy or quick-paced. Depending on what you’re expecting going into a viewing of this short, that could be considered a weakness of the film. A couple of others would be the character designs and the animation. The character designs have absolutely no distinguishable features and move more like puppets rather than living, breathing beings. If you’re going to watch this short, watch it for the drop dead gorgeous backdrops and the great lighting. They’re quite phenomenal.
The second reason I might be simple of mind is because I still have no idea what the point of the short was. I kind of have some idea, but, no, not really. So, go ahead. Watch the short. And if the film can capture your full attention for the entire 8:15, please feel free to tell me what I just watched. I’d love to hear your interpretation.

The short was created by Adrien Vonne, as his thesis project while attending the University of Vincennes in Saint-Denis.

A la lumière du Vent from Adrien Vonne on Vimeo.

(via @itsartmag on twitter)

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