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Cool Stuff: Kung Fu Bunny

by on May 5, 2010

I bring you a series of adorable shorts which mix live-action stop-motion and flash animation, called Kung Fu Bunny. The over-arching story involves an animator antagonizing his silent-but-deadly animated rabbit creation for a portion of the short and then paying for it by the end. They were created by Chinese independent animator and an instructor at the University of China, Vincent (Li Zhiyong).
The shorts work so well because they don’t depend on language to communicate their messages and themes. They rely entirely on great visual and comic timing and are fantastically absurd. It was fascinating to watch the evolution of the animator’s style over the course of the three shorts. I can legitimately say that I wanted more after watching these.
Kung Fu Bunny: Toto & Gogo
An artist brings a bunny skilled in Kung Fu to life with his pencil, only to have it turn against him. The vengeful creator draws a dog to hunt the rabbit down.

Kung Fu Bunny 2: Run Bunny Run
The bunny erringly stops in front of a large flower to urinate and finds it is attached to his creator’s head. The rabbit escapes during an attempt at discipline and leaps into a well drawn on a sketch book page. The creator gives chase and hijinks ensue. 
Kung Fu Bunny 3: Counterattack
The creator trains his animated dog to fight the the bunny that has taken over his desk area.
Don’t forget to check out Vincent’s blog, his channel on tudou.com and YouTube and an in depth interview with himon neochaEdge.

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