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Cool Stuff: Inka Bola

by on February 2, 2010

Inka Bola starts on the tallest structure of a Mayan city where a guard half-heartedly watches over a mischievous toddler who enjoys throwing fruit at his head. After taking a tumble from his throne in a moment of rebellion, the boy is kidnapped by a giant bird and the guard must give chase. The short comes from Gobelins and was created by the team of De Mélody Cisinski, Jacques Jarcyzk, Vincent Garcia, Floriane Marchix, Gwénolé Oul’Chen and Patrick Pujalte. Floriane Marchix’s blog has some nice behind the scenes art available.

This is a pretty impressive short. It has fantastic style about it. The shots are great. The animation is dynamic and the short itself has a few genuinely funny moments. I think you’ll really enjoy it. Take a look.
(via @LuckyLobos on twitter)

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