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Cool Stuff: Fester Fish

by on June 22, 2010

What would happen if you took some 1930’s cartoon conventions, Tex Avery-style sight gags and married it with total debauchery? Your result would be Aaron Long’s Fester Fish. In the short, Fester’s Nephew, Fester is annoyed that babysitting his nephew conflicts with the hot date he has lined up. 
According to Aaron, Fester was modeled after early 30’s cartoons, such as, Flip the Frog, Bosko and Bimbo. The theme being that at the time of their introduction none of those characters looked like the animals they were supposed to represent. There are a couple of pictures of a clay model of Fester on Aaron’s blog. 
I enjoyed both the short’s attention to detail with regards to the older sight gags, such as talking objects and characters “rhythmically bobbing”, as well as its Duckman-esque humor. I found the most inconsistent part to be the model and animation of Fester’s inebriated date. Beyond that single complaint, I look forward to seeing more of these. Here’s a link to Aaron’s YouTube Channel and his profile on toonzone.
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