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Cool Stuff: Azureus Rising

by on June 15, 2010

Azureus Rising is a slick sci-fi short from Black Sun Entertainment. It was created as proof of concept test for a feature film trilogy. The story arc of which will follow, Azureus, who becomes a freedom fighter after escaping death and experiencing a life-altering journey. This short is an action sequence. In it, the hero fights to escape soldiers and monstrous droids. 

I was simultaneously incredibly impressed and slightly disappointed with the sequence. It was mildly disappointing because it didn’t feel like something I hadn’t seen before. Between the music and the noticeable use of slow motion, it gave off a distinct Matrix vibe. On the other hand, the animation is really tight. There is no puppet-like jerkiness to the main character’s movements. When Azureus lands, he has weight. When he floats in the air, making near impossible shots, it feels right within the physics of the world the studio has crafted. A great deal of attention was clearly paid to the design and texture of the main character (right down to the rust on his boots), everything he encounters and the city around him. Finally, the short moves quickly, which is probably what you want of an action sequence. 
If they can handle the story arc and character progression as deftly as they did the animation, Azureus Rising could be very impressive as a feature film. Visit the short’s web site for more images and some “Making Of” videos.

Azureus Rising from Lukasz Szkopanski on Vimeo.

(via @Beautiful_Movs on twitter)

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