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Note: JLA/Avengers #1 is being solicited by Marvel Comics this month.

The thrilling conclusion to the best-selling “Hush” storyline!

Click For Larger Image     Over the course of eleven stunning issues, the incomparable, top-selling creative team of Jeph Loeb, Jim Lee and Scott Williams have taken the Dark Knight, critics and fans on a roller-coaster ride that’s mixed classic Batman rogues and allies in a heady stew of mystery and action. Now, at long last, that ride is about to reach its pulse-pounding conclusion!

     In the much-anticipated BATMAN #619, “Hush” makes its final stop, as all secrets are revealed! But who is Hush? What does this enigmatic figure want, and why has he plagued Batman? Only one thing is for sure: Nothing will ever be the same for the Dark Knight!

     BATMAN #619 comes with two variant covers that send “Hush” off with a bang! One triple-gatefold variant cover spotlights the Dark Knight and his allies, while the other features the famed Bat-villains, showcasing Jim Lee's incredible vision of the dark world of Batman! Also available is a standard edition intended for newsstands that features a one-panel version of the Batman allies cover.

     BATMAN is a monthly ongoing series edited by Bob Schreck. The 32-page issue #619 arrives in comic-book stores September 24 with a cover price of $2.25 U.S. BATMAN #619 and BATMAN #619 STANDARD EDITION arrive in comic-book stores September 24 with a cover price of $2.25 each. Note: BATMAN #619 will ship with two covers. All orders will ship with covers spotlighting Batman allies (50%) and Batman villains (50%).

In real life, there is no reset button!

Click For Larger Image     What happens when the high-octane action of a cutting-edge video game explodes into the real world? When the touch of a controller pad makes your wildest power fantasies flesh and blood? When your favorite video game character is actually your missing sister?

     Enter the world of iCANDY, a new ongoing series written by Dan Abnett & Andy Lanning (THE LEGION) that blurs the lines between fantasy and reality. iCANDY features art by hot new talent Kalman Andrasofszky and covers by promising newcomer Scott Iwahashi.

     Meet Matt, a kid whose life has been completely shattered. His parents are divorced. No one at school likes him. And now his sister Candy has disappeared. He turns to video games to escape, but when he plugs in the newest game, he encounters a character eerily similar to his missing sister. And when the game is fried in a lightning storm, Candy seemingly returns…with all the powers and abilities of a video game character!

     This project is supported with trade ads, house ads, and a minisite at www.dccomics.com.

     iCANDY is a monthly ongoing series edited by Tom Palmer, Jr. The 32-page issue #1 arrives in comic-book stores September 17 with a cover price of $2.50 U.S.

Fast and furious Hell-raising in the City of Angels!

Click For Larger Image     East meets West at 110 m.p.h.!

     It’s Etrigan the Demon as you’ve never seen him in THE DEMON: DRIVEN OUT, a hyper-pulp 6-issue miniseries written by Joshua Dysart (Violent Messiahs) and illustrated by Pop Mhan (Spyboy) and Art Thibert (Ultimate Spider-Man)!

     Jason Blood cuts a deal with a cult of modern-day alchemists to divorce him from the Demon for good…but the ceremony goes horribly wrong, and in a fiery car crash, The Demon crosses paths with young, troubled Ame Okamuro. Ame’s a runner for the Yakuza crime syndicate by day and a street racer by night. To tame the Demon — and stop the Yakuza war he starts — she’ll need all the speed and brains she has, and all the help she can get! But can she count on a newly freed Jason Blood?

     This project is supported with trade ads, house ads, and a minisite at www.dccomics.com.

     THE DEMON: DRIVEN OUT is a 6-issue miniseries edited by Joan Hilty. The 32-page issue #1 arrives in comic-book stores September 10 with a cover price of $2.50 U.S.


Click For Larger Image     For years, Hal Jordan served heroically as Earth’s Green Lantern — one of the pillars of the Green Lantern Corps. But when he couldn’t protect the people of Coast City from Mongul and thousands died, Jordan lost his mind, setting off a chain of events that led to a new Green Lantern for Earth: Kyle Rayner!

     Relive the change in eras as the NEW DAWN and EMERALD TWILIGHT trades are combined in one volume. This new trade paperback collects GREEN LANTERN #48-55, written by Ron Marz and featuring art by Daryl Banks, Bill Willingham, Derec Aucoin, Steve Carr, Fred Haynes, Craig Hamilton, Jamal Igle, Romeo Tanghal, Robert Campanella, and Dennis Cramer. GREEN LANTERN: NEW DAWN/EMERALD TWILIGHT also features a new cover by Alan Davis & Mark Farmer.

     This project is supported by house ads.

  • 192-page trade paperback
  • In stores September 3
  • $19.95 U.S.


Click For Larger Image     Bruce Wayne was cleared of killing Vesper Fairchild, and David Cain was taken into custody, but the story doesn’t end there!

     BATMAN: BRUCE WAYNE — FUGITIVE Volume Three collects DETECTIVE COMICS #773-775, BATMAN #606-607 and BATGIRL #33, written by Greg Rucka, Ed Brubaker, Kelley Puckett, Devin Grayson, and Geoff Johns with art by Steve Leiber, Scott McDaniel, Rick Burchett, Roger Robinson, Damion Scott, Mark McKenna, Andy Owens, Jim Royal, John Floyd, and Robert Campanella with a new cover by McDaniel. Plus, this volume includes special afterwords by Rucka and Brubaker!

     Sasha Bordeaux, Wayne's bodyguard, is incarcerated in a maximun security prison. Can she survive in a hellhole populated by some of America’s most dangerous women? And Deadshot returns to Gotham, with Cain as his target! Don’t miss the stirring conclusion to the best-selling “Bruce Wayne — Fugitive” storyline!

     This project is supported by house ads.

  • 176-page trade paperback
  • In stores September 10
  • $12.95 U.S.

The legend begins here!

Click For Larger Image     ELFQUEST is the stuff of legends — a majestic, million-selling saga over 25 years in the making. Now, DC Comics presents this towering story in chronological order for the first time, beginning with the reign of Bearclaw, tenth chief of the Wolfrider tribe. ELFQUEST: WOLFRIDER Volume 1, wrapped in a new, full-color cover by Wendy Pini, is the first in a series of compact, black-and-white books reprinting the original ElfQuest material. Volume 1 features the following:

  • "Wolfrider!" Chapters 1-7, written by Christy Marx with art by Wendy Pini (originally appeared in ElfQuest Volume 2, #19, 21, 23, 25, 27, 29, and 31)
  • "Phantom of the Berry Patch," written by Mercedes Lackey, Richard Pini & Andy Mangels with art by Brandon McKinney and Charles Barnett III (originally appeared in ElfQuest: Blood of Ten Chiefs #2)
  • "Starfall, Starrise," written by Wendy & Richard Pini with art by Wendy Pini (originally appeared in ElfQuest: Hidden Years #5)
  • "Out of the Woods," written by Wendi Lee with art by Terry Beatty (originally appeared in ElfQuest: New Blood Special #1)
  • "Eclipse of the Heart," written by Andy Mangels with art by Brandon McKinney & Charles Barnett III (originally appeared in ElfQuest: New Blood 1993 Special #1)
  • "Fur Flower's Gift," written by Sarah Byam with art by Ric Estrada (originally appeared in ElfQuest: New Blood 1993 Special #1).

     Along the way in Volume 1, we’re introduced to the major players in the celebrated ElfQuest saga: Cutter and Skywise among them. As a bonus, this volume (and all subsequent ones) will contain a timeline and “Cast of Characters” to introduce new readers or refresh the memories of long-time fans.

     This project is supported with trade ads, house ads, and a minisite at www.dccomics.com.

  • 192-page black-and-white trade paperback measuring 5” x 7 3/8”
  • In stores September 10
  • $9.95 U.S.

Everything you need to know about the World’s Greatest Super-Heroes!

Click For Larger Image     Get ready for a 3-issue handbook to DC's greatest super-team featuring artwork by some of the biggest names in comics, timed to coincide with JLA/AVENGERS, the biggest inter-company crossover of the decade!

     JLA-Z, written by Mike McAvennie, features a who’s who of top comics artists: Jim Lee, Scott McDaniel, Scott Kolins, Rob Haynes, Patrick Gleason, Dan Jurgens, Jeff Parker, Pascual Ferry, Tom Nguyen, Peter Pachoumis, Scott Williams, Christian Alamy, and more! Plus, JLA-Z #1 features the first of a triptych of covers spotlighting every member of the JLA family illustrated by Phil Jimenez (originally featured in Wizard magazine)!

     The first stunning issue covers villains and heroes from Amazo to Green Arrow, and subsequent issues will continue with biographical information and stats on every hero to ever be affiliated with the JLA in alphabetical order! Don’t miss this essential resource for anyone who plans on picking up JLA/AVENGERS!

     This project is supported with trade and house ads.

     JLA-Z is a 3-issue miniseries co-edited by Ivan Cohen and Steve Wacker. The 32-page issue #1 arrives in comic-book stores September 3 with a cover price of $2.50 U.S

Kicking off a thrilling new story arc!
JSA #52: “Brand New Day”

Click For Larger Image     Get ready for an exciting new start for the JSA, as the team sets off for uncharted territory in the wake of the earth-shattering “Princes of Darkness” storyline and welcome aboard new series penciller Don Kramer (DR. FATE)!

     The new storyline “Brand New Day” — a great jumping-on point for new readers — kicks off in JSA #52, written by fan-favorite Geoff Johns with art by Kramer and Keith Champagne and a cover by the critically acclaimed Carlos Pacheco and Jésus Meriño.

     The seeds for another exciting year in the lives of the JSA are sown here, as the coming months will bring insight into the many lives of Wildcat, a deepening mystery surrounding the new Crimson Avenger, and a follow-up story to the top-selling JLA/JSA: VIRTUE AND VICE graphic novel. Plus, a look into the plans of Black Adam…plans that will lead into next year’s JSA/HAWKMAN crossover “Black Reign!”

     JSA is a monthly ongoing series edited by Peter Tomasi. The 32-page issue #52 arrives in comic-book stores September 10 with a cover price of $2.50 U.S.


Click For Larger Image     In JSA: FAIR PLAY, readers learned of the Ultra-Humanite's escape. Now discover his latest world-conquering scheme, as heroes around the world begin to vanish!

     JSA: STEALING THUNDER collects JSA #32-37, written by the fan-favorite team of Geoff Johns & David S. Goyer, with stunning art by Leonard Kirk, Keith Champagne, Stephen Sadowski, Peter Snejbjerg, Keith Giffen, Andrew Pepoy, and Al Milgrom and a cover by Christian Alamy.

     With the ranks of the JSA gone, these remaining heroes that remain must forge an unusual alliance with the Icicle to save the day. But what does any of this have to do with Johnny Thunder, Jakeem Thunder and the magical Thunderbolt?

     This project is supported by house ads.

  • 176-page trade paperback
  • In stores September 10
  • $14.95 U.S.


Click For Larger Image     In 1992, the unthinkable happened: The Man of Steel — a paragon of heroism celebrated around the world — was killed at the hands of the monstrous creature known as Doomsday. Now, rookie Daily Planet reporter Ty Duffy is assigned to cover the anniversary of Superman’s death, but soon a trail of murders happens on the same trail Doomsday once followed to Metropolis…

     SUPERMAN: DAY OF DOOM is a 96-page trade paperback written and illustrated by Dan Jurgens (Thor, Captain America), the writer behind the landmark Death of Superman storyline, with inks by Bill Sienkiewicz (THE SANDMAN: ENDLESS NIGHTS, Elektra: Assassin). DAY OF DOOM is an examination of the man and his mythology that introduces a brand new threat to the Man of Tomorrow!

     This project is supported by house ads.

  • 96-page trade paperback
  • In stores September 24
  • $9.95 U.S.


Click For Larger Image     Considered to be one of the finest writer/artists ever associated with the Man of Steel, Stuart Immonen (THE ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN, The Incredible Hulk) took a bold leap forward as a writer, penciller and even painter in SUPERMAN: END OF THE CENTURY. Now the dazzling hardcover graphic novel that shed new light on the enigmatic Contessa (former wife of Lex Luthor) is available for the first time in a softcover edition.

     Since her introduction, readers have been given numerous hints that the Contessa quite possibly is immortal. Now the truth about the Contessa is revealed, but will it do any good in the face of the unexpected threat of her son — a wild killer running loose on the streets of Metropolis? With a bloodlust that knows no limits, this deadly figure will launch a murder spree unequaled in human history unless Superman and Lois can stop him! Stuart Immonen writes, pencils (with inks by José Marzan Jr.), paints, and uses computer-manipulated photographs to create a gripping, breakneck adventure starring Superman and Lois Lane.

     This project is supported by house ads.

  • 96-page softcover
  • In stores September 3
  • $17.95 U.S.


Click For Larger Image     "96 densely plotted, exciting pages…Penciller Carlos Pacheco, inker Jesus Meriño and colorist Guy Major provide stunning visuals throughout.” — Comics Buyer's Guide

     JLA/JSA: VIRTUE & VICE, the graphic novel that had fans abuzz in 2002, is now available in a handsome softcover edition! The talents of acclaimed writers David S. Goyer (JSA) & Geoff Johns (JSA, THE FLASH, Avengers) combine with the powerhouse art team of Carlos Pacheco & Jesús Meriño (Avengers Forever, Fantastic Four) for a tale with real, dramatic impact on two popular super teams. Villains from the rich histories of both groups hatch an insidious scheme that lays waste the heroes and the world they defend. But of course, these are no ordinary heroes...

     What starts as a friendly get-together between the JLA and JSA degenerates into a destructive mélée…and from the ashes rises a villainous uber-team made up of select members from each group. What made these heroes of virtue turn into agents of vice? And who can stop them once they really get mad? It’s up to the remaining members of both teams to save the day…if they can!

     This project is supported by house ads.

  • 96-page softcover
  • In stores September 17
  • $17.95 U.S.


Click For Larger Image     The first 16 tales originally presented as backups in BATMAN: GOTHAM KNIGHTS — and originally collected in a hardcover — are reprinted in BATMAN: BLACK AND WHITE Volume 2, a 176-page oversized softcover. This volume also includes five 8-page stories created just for the original hardcover! Printed on high-quality paper and topped with a cover by Mike Mignola (Hellboy), this handsome book is a must-have for the collections of every Batman fan and aficionado of comics fine art!

     This talented roster behind the GOTHAM KNIGHTS back-ups must be seen to be believed: Warren Ellis and Jim Lee; John Byrne: Paul Pope; John Arcudi and Tony Salmons; Paul Levitz and Paul Rivoche: Walter Simonson and John Paul Leon; Arcudi and John Buscema; Brian Azzarello and Eduardo Risso; Howard Chaykin and Jordi Bernet; Alan Brennert and José Luis García-López; Robert Kanigher and Kyle Baker; Dave Gibbons; Harlan Ellison and Gene Ha; Dini and Ronnie Del Carmen; Tom Peyer, Gene Colan and Tom Palmer; and Alan Grant and Enrique Breccia! Plus: Look for stories created for this collection by Paul Dini and Alex Ross; Chris Claremont; Steve Rude and Mark Buckingham; Steven T. Seagle and Daniel Torres; Kelley Puckett and Tim Sale; and Ty Templeton and Marie Severin!

     This project is supported by house ads.

  • 176-page softcover measuring 7 1/2” x 11 1/4”
  • In stores September 17
  • $19.95 U.S.


Click For Larger Image     Bursting onto the comic-book scene in 1941, Plastic Man was a bright spot in a Golden Age of heroes, standing out as one of the most unusual and innovative creations of the time.

     PLASTIC MAN ARCHIVES Volume 5, written by Plastic Man creator Jack Cole and illustrated by Cole with André LeBlanc, Bart Tumey, John Spranger, and Alex Kotsky, collects Police Comics #50-58 and PLASTIC MAN #4 for the first time, as well as an insightful foreword by comics historian Bill Schelly.

     A reformed criminal turned do-gooder, Plastic Man stretched the definition of the strong-jawed, straight-faced super-hero to its absolute limits. Pitted against an equally odd and colorful group of foes and paired with the indescribably strange sidekick Woozy Winks, “Plas” quickly gained popularity and graduated to his own title. In this volume, Plas faces his famed foe the Granite Lady; a fatalistic fortune-teller; a group of vengeful Vikings; King Lughead the menacing monarch; the lethal Lobster, and more!

  • 204-page hardcover
  • In stores September 10
  • $49.95 U.S.

TOR Volume Three

Click For Larger Image     “The best ‘prehistoric adventure’ series ever produced, and the finest comic-book series published during the 1950s.” — Author and filmmaker Donald F. Glut

     “(Tor is) the cream of the crop of comics not from a major publisher of the mid-1950s.” — Comics Buyer's Guide

     Get ready for the TOR Volume Three, the final oversized hardcover volume of the collected Tor written and illustrated by the incomparable Joe Kubert! This volume includes all the Tor material produced for DC in the ’70s and Marvel in the ’90s, as well as material from Kubert’s self-published Sojourn! In addition, TOR Volume Three features an 8-page sketchbook section, a forword by Kubert, and an introduction by noted writer Roy Thomas.

     Picking up his creation years after he was introduced in the 50s, Tor introduced several new species as antagonists: a mottled, less-than-human race, a group of beings that straddled the line between anthropoid and reptilian, and finally, a horrific, worm-like creature! The result took Tor to the next level, and made him a viable hero for a new era.

  • 168-page hardcover measuring 8 1/2” x 11”
  • In stores September 24
  • $49.95 U.S.


Click For Larger Image     The acclaimed “German cinema” trilogy that began in SUPERMAN: METROPOLIS and continued in BATMAN: NOSFERATU reaches its thrilling conclusion!

     WONDER WOMAN: THE BLUE AMAZON is a 64-page ELSEWORLDS Prestige Format Special written by Randy & Jean-Marc Lofficier with art and a painted cover by Ted McKeever. THE BLUE AMAZON pays homage to director Josef Von Sternberg’s The Blue Angel (1930) and Fritz Lang’s Doctor Mabuse: The Gambler (1922).

     This third volume introduces Wonder Woman to the “Metropolis” universe as a mysterious — and powerful — captive in the sinister Doctor Psykho’s “Palace of Sin.” But she’s a prisoner who may control the destiny of civilization! BLUE AMAZON features appearances by Super-Man and Nosferatu, from the first two parts of the trilogy.

     This project is supported with house ads.

     WONDER WOMAN: THE BLUE AMAZON is a 64-page Prestige Format ELSEWORLDS special edited by Joey Cavalieri. It arrives in comic-book stores September 3 with a cover price of $6.95 U.S.


Click For Larger Image     Comics wouldn’t be the same without the visionary work of Gil Kane. SUPERMAN: BLOOD OF MY ANCESTORS is a landmark 64-page Prestige Format Special that represents the final work of this comics legend.

     Written by Steven Grant & Kane with art by Kane, John Buscema and Kevin Nowlan, BLOOD OF MY ANCESTORS pits Superman against a strange alien menace that devours memories. The Man of Steel sets out on a deadly trip down Memory Lane, to a time when the House of El first began…but can Superman’s earliest ancestor defy the great god Rao and restore order to Krypton?

     This project is supported with trade and house ads.

     SUPERMAN: BLOOD OF MY ANCESTORS is a 64-page Prestige Format Special edited by Joey Cavalieri. It arrives in comic-book stores September 10 with a cover price of $6.95 U.S.


Click For Larger Image     The theatrically released animated Superman shorts of the 1940s — created by the acclaimed Fleischer Studios — set a new standard in animation, leaving their mark as a milestone in film-making. Now, DC Direct presents the first piece in a new line of classic animation maquettes — a maquette that spectacularly captures the Fleischers’ vision of the Man of Steel!

     The FLEISCHER STUDIOS’ STYLE SUPERMAN, authentically sculpted by John G. Mathews, features Superman in a classic pose, standing for Truth, Justice and the American Way! This limited edition, hand-painted cold-cast porcelain maquette measures approximately 9 1/8” tall and is packaged in a 4-color box.

     This project is supported by a full-color poster, trade and house ads.

  • Full-color maquette
  • Advance-solicited; in stores January 28, 2004
  • $89.95 U.S.


     Fans anxiously awaiting the start of the historic JLA/AVENGERS crossover miniseries (solicited elsewhere in this issue of Previews) won’t want to miss DC/MARVEL CROSSOVER CLASSICS IV, a 224-page trade paperback collecting some of the most popular inter-company crossovers of the last decade!

     Volume 4, created by an all-star roster of legendary talent, packs in four classic team-ups and confrontations featuring the best and brightest characters from two universes! Included are:

  • BATMAN & SPIDER-MAN, written by J.M. DeMatteis with art by Graham Nolan and Karl Kesel, originally published in 1997
  • Click For Larger ImageSUPERMAN/FANTASTIC FOUR, written by Dan Jurgens with art by Jurgens and Art Thibert, originally published in 1999, with a painted cover by Jurgens and Alex Ross. This powerful story, originally published in tabloid format, is collected for the first time at standard comic-book size.
  • DARKSEID VS. GALACTUS: THE HUNGER, written and illustrated by John Byrne, originally published in 1997.
  • GREEN LANTERN/SILVER SURFER: UNHOLY ALLIANCES, written by Ron Marz with art by Darryl Banks and Terry Austin, originally published in 1995.

     This powerful new collection is topped off with a new cover by SUPERMAN/BATMAN’s Ed McGuinness!

     This project is supported with house ads.

  • 224-page trade paperback
  • In stores September 3
  • $14.95 U.S.


Click For Larger Image     Get ready for a new series of digest-sized trade paperbacks spotlighting DC’s huge library of tales starring the world-renowned characters from Warner Bros., Cartoon Network, and Hanna-Barbera! These digests are the perfect way to introduce a new generation of readers to the joy of comics!

     The line kicks off with two 5 1/8” x 7 9/16”, 112-page digests featuring the three adorable, unstoppable defenders of Townsville: the Powerpuff Girls! These two volumes include:

  • VOLUME 1: TITANS OF TOWNSVILLE (collecting THE POWERPUFF GIRLS #1-5), written by Jennifer Moore, Sean Carolan, and Abby Denson with art by Phil Moy, Dan Fraga, Stephanie Gladden and Mike DeCarlo and a cover by Craig McCraken and Mike DeCarlo, includes the stories "Squirrelly Burly," "Buttercup's Boyfriend," "Power Play," "Video Main," and "Holy Molar!”
  • VOLUME 2: GO, GIRLS, GO! (collecting issues #6-10), written by John Rozum, Chuck Kim, Chris Savino, Abby Denson, Moore and Carolan with art by Ricardo Garcia Fuentes, Mike Manley, Cynthia Morrow, Moy and DeCarlo with a cover by Moy, includes the stories "Dial 'M' for Mojo!", "Remote Controlled," "Mayor, May I?", "Creature at Large," and "Rogue Clowns."

     Join Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup as they square off against Mojo Jojo, Him, and a seemingly endless array of city-crushing creatures!

     This project is supported by __________________.

  • 112-page trade paperbacks measuring 5 1/8” x 7 9/16”
  • In stores September 10
  • $6.95 U.S.

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