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     You can’t get much for a dime these days — not a cup of coffee, a newspaper or even a phone call. But you can pick up the dawn of a new era for the Man of Steel!

Click For Larger Image     SUPERMAN: THE 10-CENT ADVENTURE (like last year’s best-selling BATMAN: THE 10-CENT ADVENTURE), features a full-color, 22-page story for just 10 cents U.S. Even better, it marks the debut of an all-new Superman creative team: writer Steven T. Seagle (THE CRUSADES, X-Men, Alpha Flight), and artists Scott McDaniel (BATMAN, NIGHTWING, Daredevil) and Andy Owens (BATMAN, Joss Whedon’s Fray), who begin their regular run in SUPERMAN #190, shipping in February.

     And the fun doesn’t stop there! SUPERMAN: THE 10-CENT ADVENTURE introduces Amok, a mysterious villain who swings into Metropolis with enough power to send Superman hurtling to the moon with a single blow…power granted to him by the enigmatic Futuresmiths, a sinister force destined to cause trouble for the Man of Steel in the months to come.

     What’s more, the final page of SUPERMAN: THE 10-CENT ADVENTURE features a shocking secret integral to the future of the Superman titles! It’s a perfect jumping-on point for new readers and a great glimpse at what’s to come in the next year. And at just a dime, no fan can afford to miss this!

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     SUPERMAN: THE 10-CENT ADVENTURE is a 32-page one-shot edited by Eddie Berganza arriving in comic-book stores January 8 with a cover price of only 10¢ U.S.


Click For Larger Image     How would Batman have waged war against injustice without the vast fortune of the Wayne family to aid in his fight? The answer can be found in BATMAN: THE GOLDEN STREETS OF GOTHAM — a startling new Elseworlds one-shot written by Jen Van Meter (FLINCH, Hopeless Savages, The Blair Witch Chronicles) and illustrated by Cliff Chiang (JOSIE MAC, BEWARE THE CREEPER) and Tommy Lee Edwards (DISAVOWED, Zombie World: Winter’s Dregs), revealing a Dark Knight born in the twentieth century’s first decade.

     With the birth of the labor movements, women's rights and the downfall of capitalist "robber barons" as its backdrop, THE GOLDEN STREETS OF GOTHAM is a tale that finds true-life events shaping a very different kind of hero. When a disastrous 1906 fire kills dozens of women and children who worked in a garment factory, as well as immigrant Bruce Vanekow's parents, the young man assumes the identity of the Bat, pledging to fight the criminal negligence that killed them. Enlisting the help of union agitators, social reformers and bohemian theater-types — including a young female journalist and the leader of the Underground Workers Movement, known as the Cat — he extracts the only kind of justice the powerful elite of Gotham City will notice: their wealth!

     But when a serial murderer begins preying on Gotham's poor and the crimes are blamed on the Bat, Bruno must clear his alter ego’s name.

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     BATMAN: THE GOLDEN STREETS OF GOTHAM is a 64-page Elseworlds one-shot edited by Bob Schreck. It arrives in comic-book stores January 2 with a cover price of $6.95 U.S.


Click For Larger Image     Writer/artist John Byrne returns to his popular Elseworlds version of the DC Universe — one in which DC's most popular heroes made their debuts in the same years their comics first appeared in our world — in SUPERMAN & BATMAN: GENERATIONS III. A millennia-spanning epic that exceeds the earlier GENERATIONS sagas in scope and audacity, GENERATIONS III surpasses them in size as well: At twelve 32-page issues, the maxiseries is the biggest chapter yet in Byrne's remarkable story, exploring the landscape of a DCU where the World's Finest heroes change dramatically with the passing times.

     Each issue of GENERATIONS III covers a different century — beginning with the twentieth — as a mysterious threat targets Superman and Batman. But will this threat age right alongside our heroes? Or will it strike from another point in time? There are hints a-plenty in the first issue, as a young Superboy must rescue Bruce Wayne from danger on a battlefield with help from an unexpected source...the Legion of Super-Heroes' Saturn Girl! Future issues of GENERATIONS III will feature many of the characters from earlier GENERATIONS installments, as well as surprising guest-stars, ranging from Jonah Hex to Kamandi, as the story roars on to a shocking final battle with a nigh-unstoppable foe! Will the GENERATION-al saga come to a final, tragic conclusion?

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     SUPERMAN & BATMAN: GENERATIONS III is a 12-issue maxiseries edited by Mike Carlin. The 32-page issue #1 arrives in comic-book stores January 8 with a cover price of $2.95 U.S.


     He was one of its brightest members…

     But Hal Jordan — a founding member of the JLA as the Power Ring-wielding Green Lantern — has been estranged from the World’s Greatest Heroes ever since the tragic events of “Emerald Twilight.” Now, as the Spirit of Vengeance known as the Spectre, Hal reunites with his former teammates…in a most unexpected way!

Click For Larger Image     JLA/THE SPECTRE: SOUL WAR is a 2-issue Prestige Format miniseries written by J.M. DeMatteis (THE SPECTRE), with art by Daryl Banks (GREEN LANTERN) & Paul Neary (JLA). The Spectre and the JLA form an uneasy alliance when the minds of psychics across the country are hijacked by an entity called the Trans — a devastating alien menace that threatens the fabric of reality itself!

     Our heroes discover that the only way to defeat such an overwhelmingly powerful opponent is...to become one! The League is compelled to combine forces with the former Green Lantern…in spite of Batman’s objections. But the question now is: Can the JLA be trusted with the awesome power of the Spectre?

     SOUL WAR is a bittersweet reteaming of old friends that changes the relationship of Hal and the JLA for good!

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     JLA/THE SPECTRE: SOUL WAR is a 2-issue Prestige Format miniseries edited by Dan Raspler. The 48-page issue #1 arrives in comic-book stores January 22 with a cover price of $5.95 U.S.


Click For Larger Image     The WB! has scored a hit with its new live-action TV series Birds of Prey! Now the comic-book inspiration for the show receives its second pulse-pounding collection with BIRDS OF PREY: OLD FRIENDS, NEW ENEMIES — a 224-page trade paperback reprinting the BIRDS OF PREY: WOLVES and BIRDS OF PREY: BATGIRL one-shots, plus the first six issues of the BIRDS OF PREY ongoing series!

     Written by Chuck Dixon (BATGIRL: YEAR ONE, Way of the Rat) with art by Greg Land (NIGHTWING, Sojourn) and Drew Geraci (NIGHTWING), OLD FRIENDS, NEW ENEMIES reintroduces readers to Vicious, Termina and Pistolera, who — combined with their leader, international terrorist/assassin Cheshire — form the villainous Ravens! Also: Watch as Black Canary fends off dinosaurs in one adventure and Kobra's minions in another while Oracle avoids detection by the U.S. Army!

     Wrapped in a new cover by Brian Stelfreeze, this thrill-packed volume combines all the high-octane action, espionage and characterization that exemplify why Birds of Prey is a hit in any medium.

      BIRDS OF PREY: OLD FRIENDS, NEW ENEMIES is a 224-page trade paperback, arriving in comic-book stores January 2 with a cover price of $17.95 U.S.


Click Here For Larger Image      The current creative team of the hit JLA series — writer Joe Kelly and artists Doug Mahnke and Tom Nguyen — won raves for its recent “The Obsidian Age: The Hunt for Aquaman” storyline. Now you can own their first foray into the adventures of the World’s Greatest Super-Heroes with JLA: THE GOLDEN PERFECT — a 128-page trade paperback collecting JLA #61-65.

      The centerpiece of this volume is the 3-Part “The Golden Perfect.” When a mission to a foreign land personally affects Wonder Woman, her actions threaten to unravel all of reality. Plus, in "Two Minute Warning," discover what the JLA is doing two minutes before handling a threat from Abra Kadabra. And the acclaimed Batman/Plastic Man team-up story, “Bouncing Baby Boy,” offers the most bizarre pairing in the DC Universe yet…with very personal consequences for everyone’s favorite pliable hero.

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      JLA: THE GOLDEN PERFECT is a 128-page trade paperback, arriving in comic-book stores January 15 with a cover price of $12.95 U.S.


      Two years ago, in SUPERMAN: LAST SON OF EARTH, readers entered a reality where a human infant was rocketed to the planet Krypton moments before a meteor impact decimated planet Earth. In this reality, Kal-El saved his birth planet, was reunited with his mother and met Lois Lane.

Click For Larger Image      That story comes full circle in SUPERMAN: LAST STAND ON KRYPTON, a 64-page Prestige Format Elseworlds one-shot that reunites the LAST SON OF EARTH creative team of acclaimed writer Steve Gerber (Howard the Duck, NEVADA) and Harvey Award-nominated artist Doug Wheatley (Aliens: Apocalypse).

      Ten years have passed since Kal-El’s return, and Earth has thrived in that time. Thanks to Kryptonian technology, humanity has more than compensated for the "dark ages" of its recent past. Now, Kal-El yearns to return to the adopted world of Krypton he left years before. He yearns to see his adopted parents — and the world he saved and forever changed before taking leave of it.

      But in his haste, Kal-El makes a fatal error, for someone has followed his trail through the wormhole that opens into the Kryptonian Galaxy. Bad enough that Lois Lane has followed him…but Lex Luthor has followed her! Now it’s up to Kal-El to lead the people of Krypton in one last stand against Luther and his Kryptonian cohorts.

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      SUPERMAN: LAST STAND ON KRYPTON is a 64-page Prestige Format Elseworlds one-shot edited by Andy Helfer. It arrives in comic-book stores January 29 with a cover price of $6.95 U.S.


Click For Larger Image      Aquaman, the King of the Seas, is back in a new ongoing series from DC! Now the earliest Silver Age appearances of the fan-favorite hero can be enjoyed by an all-new generation of readers with the AQUAMAN ARCHIVES Volume One — a 224-page hardcover coming in January!

      Written by Jack Miller, Robert Bernstein, George Kashdan, and Bob Haney, these classic tales are illustrated by the renowned Ramona Fradon (METAMORPHO) and Nick Cardy!

      Volume One features the origin of Aquaman, plus the introduction of Aqualad, Aquagirl and the mysterious Aqua-Queen! Thrill to Aquaman's early adventures when he was Aquaboy, his attempt to swim around the world in 80 hours, and a special "crossover" story with Green Arrow! Watch as the King of the Seas battles ferocious menaces such as the Human Flying Fish and the Sea Creatures from One Billion B.C.!

      More than two dozen exciting Aquaman adventures are included in this hefty volume that reprints the Aquaman stories from ADVENTURE COMICS #260-280 & 282 and SHOWCASE #30-31, with an introduction by Roy Thomas!

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      AQUAMAN ARCHIVES Volume One is a 224-page hardcover, arriving in comic-book stores January 22 with a cover price of $49.95 U.S.


Click For Larger Image      Historians say that in order to understand the present, one must look to the past. So what better way to get the inside scoop on the Boy of Steel than by checking out SUPERBOY #147 — FACSIMILE EDITION, a look back at 1968’s classic SUPERBOY 80-PAGE GIANT?

      Sporting a cover by legendary creators Curt Swan & Neal Adams, SUPERBOY #147 — FACSIMILE EDITION reprints the first all-Legion of Super-Heroes issue of SUPERBOY, originally published over three decades ago. Surrounding the book’s centerpiece tale — the first full-length retelling of the Legion’s origin by E. Nelson Bridwell and Pete Costanza — are stories by a Who’s Who of classic comics creators, including writers Jerry Siegel and Robert Bernstein and artists Curt Swan, George Klein, Jim Mooney, George Papp, and Sheldon Moldoff.

      The featured stories, all originating in the early ’60s, make up the groundwork for much of the Legion’s legendary history, and feature a host of beloved characters. The stories told in SUPERBOY #147 — FACSIMILE EDITION are perfect for the longtime DC fan or a newbie wanting a historic look back at Superboy’s action-packed past!

      SUPERBOY #147 FACSIMILE EDITION is an 80-page one-shot arriving in comic-book stores January 2 with a cover price of $6.95 U.S.


Click For Larger Image      In darkest day, in blackest night…Hal Jordan may be the Spectre now, but he was once one of the finest Green Lanterns ever to charge a Power Ring — and his story is told in GREEN LANTERN: EMERALD DAWN!

      GREEN LANTERN: EMERALD DAWN is a 144-page trade paperback written by Jim Owsley, Keith Giffen and Gerard Jones with art by M.D. Bright and Romeo Tanghal, collecting for the first time in over a decade the 6-issue miniseries that retold the origin of Hal Jordan, the Green Lantern assigned to protect Earth for years before his descent into darkness.

      How did Hal get his otherworldly Power Ring? What is the Green Lantern Corps, and who are the Guardians? These questions and more are answered in GREEN LANTERN: EMERALD DAWN! Featuring a brand-new cover by Alan Davis and Mark Farmer, this new edition is the first of four reissued volumes in 2003 that cover the beginning and end of Hal Jordan’s career.

      GREEN LANTERN: EMERALD DAWN — NEW EDITION is a 144-page trade paperback arriving in comic-book stores January 22 with a cover price of $14.95 U.S.

The brawl to end all!

      How far would you go for a friend? For Superman, the answer is Apokolips.

Click For Larger Image      Expect a veritable clash of titans in SUPERMAN VS. DARKSEID: APOKOLIPS NOW!, a 48-page one-shot written by Mark Schultz (SUPERMAN: MAN OF STEEL, Xenozoic Tales) with art by Mike McKone (SUPERMAN, Exiles) and cover by Kilian Plunkett.

      When Darkseid enslaves Steel in a deadly new armored suit, there’s only one group that can save him — the Superman family! As Supergirl, Kara, Superboy, Eradicator, and Krypto go up against the scions of Apokolips, Darkseid challenges Superman to a deadly winner–take-all battle with the fate of Steel hanging in the balance! If Superman wins, he gets John Henry Irons…but if Darkseid wins, the Man of Steel becomes another of the dark lord’s pawns!

      But as the epic battle threatens to tear apart a moon high above Apokolips. Desaad attempts to unleash the intelligent Doomsday Rex! Can Steel’s niece Natasha become an unlikely hero and prevent Desaad’s underhanded plan? And even if she does, will it be enough?

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      SUPERMAN VS. DARKSEID: APOKOLIPS NOW is a 48-page one-shot edited by Eddie Berganza arriving in comic-book stores January 29 with a cover price of $2.95 U.S.


      Can the Fastest Man Alive keep up with his rapidly changing life?

Click For Larger Image      When the Flash’s interdimensional pal Chunk is wounded, it unleashes a terrifying black hole that puts Keystone City on the brink of destruction. Wally West must race against the vortex to save the day in THE FLASH: ROGUES, a 144-page trade paperback that collects THE FLASH #177–181, from the celebrated run by writer Geoff Johns (JSA, HAWKMAN) and artist Scott Kolins (The Thing: Freakshow) with a new cover by Brian Bolland (BATMAN: GOTHAM KNIGHTS, WONDER WOMAN).

      As if saving Keystone City isn’t enough, the Flash must also take on two of his oldest foes — Captain Cold and Mirror Master — as they lay the foundation for their deadliest gambit yet! And besides that, the Flash must also contend with the Plunderer, an enraged Gorilla Grodd, and a seeming betrayal of trust by the Pied Piper!

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      FLASH: ROGUES is a 144-page trade paperback, arriving in comic-book stores January 29 with a cover price of $14.95 U.S.

The Dark Knight vs. The Man of Steel?

      The dream team of Jeph Loeb, Jim Lee and Scott Williams scored a hit with their debut in BATMAN #608, which ranked #1 in copies sold by Diamond Comic Distributors for all October in-store books. Now their run continues with a 2-part story arc that takes the Dark Knight to Metropolis!

Click For Larger Image      Taking place within the 12-part story “Hush,” written by the Eisner-award winning Loeb (BATMAN: THE LONG HALLOWEEN, BATMAN: DARK VICTORY) and pencilled by the fan-favorites Jim Lee (X-Men, WILDCATS) and Scott Williams (X-Men, WILDCATS), BATMAN #611 follows Batman and Catwoman to the City of Tomorrow hot on the heels of Poison Ivy. But does she have something — or someone — up her sleeve?

      BATMAN #611 also features a surprise guest star that you have to look up in the sky to see. And all this leads up to an epic battle: the Dark Knight vs. the Man of Steel!

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      BATMAN is an ongoing series edited by Bob Schreck. Issue #611 is 32 pages and arrives in comic-book stores January 22 with a cover price of $2.25 U.S.

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