WildStorm/ABC/Homage - May 2002

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Oversized Slipcased Hardcover

     In the twilight of the 20th century, a force emerged to protect the Earth from outside threats…and from itself. They were the front line. The final defense. The only hope. They were the Authority — exploding onto the scene to drop-kick the world into a new millennium and redefine the way we think about super-hero comics.

Click For Larger Image     Now the first year of WildStorm Productions' groundbreaking title is collected in THE ABSOLUTE AUTHORITY Volume One — a massive 320-page slipcased, oversized (8 1/8" x 12 1/4") hardcover edition reprinting THE AUTHORITY #1-12, the complete run by writer and co-creator Warren Ellis and artists Bryan Hitch & Paul Neary. THE AUTHORITY is hard-hitting, high-octane action with dizzying velocity — the story of seven super-powered individuals who vow to make the world a better place, making their own rules, answering to nobody, and taking no prisoners.

     Strap yourself in for three unforgettable adventures with super-hero iconoclast Jenny Sparks, the Spirit of the 20th Century, along with King of the Cities Jack Hawksmoor, the nanite-infused Engineer, winged Swift, the reality-altering Doctor, and the genetically-enhanced duo of Apollo and Midnighter.

     Super-terrorists? Interdimensional invaders? A godlike entity from outer space? Take your best shot. This is the Authority. Pay allegiance or get your head kicked in.

     THE ABSOLUTE AUTHORITY is brimming with extra behind-the-scenes looks at the book's creative process, including a full script by Warren Ellis, plus design and supplementary material provided by the entire creative team. Experience the Authority in a bold new way.

     This project is supported with house and trade ads.

     THE ABSOLUTE AUTHORITY Volume One is a 320-page slipcased (8 1/8" x 12 /14") hardcover. It is advance-solicited and arrives in comic-book stores August 28 with a cover price of $49.95 U.S. [New Release Date: September 18]


Click For Larger Image     From the critically-acclaimed line of AMERICA'S BEST COMICS comes the woman-warrior known as Promethea! The heroic Promethea, and her human alter ego Sophie, are now beautifully-formed action figures! The PROMETHEA AND SOPHIE DELUXE ACTION FIGURE SET is advance-solicited this month for arrival in September.

     Promethea, the woman of myth, conjured from a realm which Sophie continues to travel in search of enlightenment, stands approximately 6 1/4" tall and comes with a removable clear blue plastic, glitter-coated staff and faux-stone sun symbol base, with a non-removable plastic skirt and cape. Sophie stands approximately 5 1/2" tall and comes with a removable backpack and a manhole-cover base for posing. Both figures feature multiple points of articulation, and are packaged together with their accessories in a 4-color window box.

     The PROMETHEA AND SOPHIE DELUXE ACTION FIGURE SET is advance-solicited and arrives in comic-book stores September 18. Consult your retailer for pricing information.


May 1st
Written by Scott Lobdell; art and cover by Leinil Yu and Gerry Alanguilan

CLIFFHANGER PRODUCTIONS. In stores May 1. Cliffhanger's latest action-packed series! Can you imagine a more romantic place to die than Paris, the City of Lights, in the final days of World War II? Watch as U.S. Army officer Nick Highroad and the diminutive British actor Sir Arthur Bombridge come to the rescue of the beauty known only as Sloan, a woman of ill repute who insists she's Hitler's beloved former mistress! Not that anyone is doubting her, now that she's being dragged screaming across the rooftops of Paris by an elite squad of Nazi ninjas known as the Brotherhood of the Iron Cross!
32 pages, (2 of 6), $2.95

Click For Larger Image
Written by Alan Moore and Steve Moore; art by Paul Rivoche, Arthur Adams and Alan Weiss; cover by Adams

AMERICA'S BEST COMICS. In stores May 1. [New Release Date: September 11] Tom Strong soars from the greatest heights of Millennium City to its furthest depths…almost. While, decades earlier on Attabar Teru, Young Tom Strong meets a lovely creature who entices and delights him — even if there is something...fishy about her. And, billions of years from now, all Hell breaks loose — just another day for Jonni Future!
32 pages, $2.95

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May 8th
Written by Marv Wolfman, J. Torres and Conor Libby; art by Greg Lane, Dario Brizuela and Vince Russell; cover by Michael Golden

In stores May 8. The Techno Council takes control of Robo Dojo and all its secrets! With both Alpha and Omega teams captured, who will stop the Techno Council from turning their robojin designs into weapons of war? In NANOBOTZ, the team is devastated when one of them is critically injured and must undergo nanotron reconstruction or perish!
32 pages, (4 of 6), $2.95

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May 15th
Written by Ian Edginton; art and cover by Charlie Adlard

In stores May 15. Having traced the source of Russia's zombie problem to several nuclear power stations, fueled, not by fissionable material but by the harnessed negative energy of captive demon-god embryos, the team has to prevent a China Syndrome of Biblical proportions! Only the former ghost, Truelove, can save the day. But is he willing to make the ultimate sacrifice and die again to prevent Hell from paying a house call?
32 pages, $2.50

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GEN13 #77
Written by Adam Warren; art by Rick Mays and Jason Martin; cover by Warren

In stores May 15. The pulsating, extra-sized final issue concludes the 3-part "This is How The Story Ends." In the aftermath of an apocalyptic abuse of gen-factor-derived technology, all hell is breaking loose, and only one super-team can stop the destruction: Gen13! Too bad the team is nowhere to be found… or are they? Could this be a new Gen13 line-up, thrown into last-ditch action as the gen-factor runs disastrously amuck? Or could we be seriously yanking your chain, given that this is the final issue of this volume of GEN13? Find out in this oversized, 40-page, action-packed, series-ending extravaganza! And watch this space for news about GEN13 Volume 2!
40 pages, $3.50

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Written by Alan Moore; art and cover by Chris Sprouse and Karl Story

AMERICA'S BEST COMICS. In stores May 15. [New Release Date: July 3] It's the middle chapter of our grand 3-part extravaganza! Tom Strong, with a little help from some friends — terrestrial and other — is joined by the mysterious Weird Rider to do battle with spaced-out insects intent on turning Earth into a giant anthill!
32 pages, $2.95

May 22nd
Written by Brian Augustyn; art and cover by Humberto Ramos and Sandra Hope

CLIFFHANGER PRODUCTIONS. In stores May 22. [New Release Date: May 29] "The Road to El Dorado," Part 5 of 6. Becky, Abel and the kids continue their trip around the Southwest, searching for any clue that might reveal where to find El Dorado City. But none of them imagined they'd have a reunion in their dreams! Thrilled as they are to see family and friends again, will they be able to resist the temptation to rescue them by making a deal…with Draedalus?
32 pages, $2.95

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May 29th
Written by Joe Kelly; art and cover by Chris Bachalo and Richard Friend

CLIFFHANGER PRODUCTIONS. In stores May 29. [New Release Date: June 26] Extra-sized final issue extravaganza! In their wildest adventure yet, Cole and Company finally escape England — and the clutches of the evil Lord Absinthe — only to crash-land in wartorn France. There they meet a twisted version of Napoleon, more machine than man, a half-mad revolutionary fighting a desperate cat-and-mouse game against Absinthe for the freedom of France. Also, as Cole is tried for war crime, Vicki must come to terms with her feelings for our hero, which leads to the shocker ending you've been waiting for!
40 pages, $3.50

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August 28th
Written by Warren Ellis; art and cover by Bryan Hitch and Paul Neary

Advance-solicited; in stores August 28. [New Release Date: September 18] The absolute must-have collection is here with THE ABSOLUTE AUTHORITY Volume One! Collecting all twelve issues of Warren Ellis', Bryan Hitch's & Paul Neary's run on THE AUTHORITY — plus extra, behind-the-scenes looks at the book's creative process, with a full script by Warren Ellis, and design and supplementary material provided by the entire creative team. All in a deluxe, slipcased hardcover edition! For more information, see the feature article.
320 pages, (8 1/8" x 12 1/4"), Slipcased Hardcover, $49.95

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Written by J. Scott Campbell and Andy Hartnell; art by Campbell, Alex Garner and various; cover by Campbell

CLIFFHANGER PRODUCTIONS. In stores May 8. All seven issues of the first volume of DANGER GIRL are collected in this sizzling hardcover that also features the ultra-rare introductory short story from the NEW HORIZONS VOYAGER PACK (originally polybagged with GEN13 #25), a complete cover gallery, an amazing sketchbook section, and an introduction by noted actor and DANGER GIRL fan Bruce Campbell (Army of Darkness, Xena)!
262 pages, Hardcover, $29.95

Written by Joe Kelly; art and cover by Chris Bachalo and Richard Friend

CLIFFHANGER PRODUCTIONS. In stores May 29. Reoffered to coincide with STEAMPUNK #12, the epic conclusion to the CLIFFHANGER PRODUCTIONS series, this trade tells the story of Cole Blaquesmith, man out of time. Collecting the first 5-issue story arc from creators Joe Kelly and Chris Bachalo, MANIMATRON also includes the rare STEAMPUNK: CATECHISM one-shot and the nearly impossible to find STEAMPUNK: IDIOSINCRATICA.
176 pages, Trade Paperback, $14.95


Note: The solicitation for the Promethea and Sophie Deluxe Action Figure Set may be found on the DC Direct page.