Batman - May 2002

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Note: Each issue of the BRUCE WAYNE: FUGITIVE storyline features a puzzle piece on the cover, and contains an important clue to solve Vesper Fairchild's murder!

May 1st
Written by Stan Lee (lead story) and Michael Uslan (backup); art by Chris Bachalo and Richard Friend (lead) and Darwyn Cooke and Mike Allred (backup); covers by Bachalo and Friend (front) and Adam Hughes (back)

In stores May 1. [New Release Date: May 15] Chris Bachalo (STEAMPUNK, DEATH: THE HIGH COST OF LIVING) joins comics legend Stan Lee to introduce comics' sexiest new super-heroine! Joanie Jordan is a supermodel with a yearning to do more than pout prettily for the camera. But when an unexpected turn of events gives her the claws and agility of a cat, she learns that life on the catwalk was a breeze compared to life as a Catwoman! Plus, a backup story illustrated by Darwyn Cooke & Mike Allred! For more information, see the feature article.
FC, 48 pg. Prestige Format $5.95

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May 8th
Written by Mike Baron; art and cover by Bill Reinhold

In stores May 8. Concluding the 2-part story "Colossus," by The Badger's Mike Baron and Bill Reinhold. Someone is killing everyone connected to the long-dead designer of the Gotham Civic Center. But Batman is about to discover that's just the start of the killer's murderous plans!
32 pages, $2.25

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Written by Greg Rucka and Judd Winick; art by Steve Lieber, Cliff Chiang and Mark McKenna; cover by Andrew Robinson

In stores May 8. [New Release Date: May 1] "Bruce Wayne: Fugitive" Part 8! As we reveal yet another clue to the riddle of Vesper Fairchild's murder, Batman comes into conflict with an agent of the organization known as Checkmate. Both seek to bring down the Lucky Hand Triad, and both are desperate to get a deadly shipment of drugs off the street. But can two men whose lives are shrouded in secrecy and solitude commit to a temporary partnership? And can they stop the frightful menace of Ekin-Tzu? Plus, Chapter Eight of "Josie Mac," by Judd Winick and Cliff Chiang.
40 pages, $2.50

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Written by Dennis O'Neil; art by Sergio Cariello and James Pascoe; cover by Mike Zeck and Jerry Ordway

In stores May 8. Nightwing guest-stars as Azrael's recent changes take a shocking turn — one that leads him back to his "Azbats" armor from BATMAN: KNIGHTFALL! Feats of strength once beyond him have become easy for Jean Paul Valley. Now a strange new demeanor has overtaken the erstwhile angel, turning him against his closest confidante, and causing him to retake the mantle of the Bat. Has too much power corrupted Jean Paul? Or is that the least of his problems? For more information, see the feature article.
32 pages, $2.50

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Written by Kelley Puckett; art and cover by Damion Scott and Robert Campanella

In stores May 8. A new villain enters the scene. His name is Sensor, and he has the ability to read minds…which is a problem in a town where the heroes wear cowls to mask their secret identities. A top-secret super-powered black-ops organization has its eyes on Batgirl…and they're sending in their best to do the job. But is the job to recruit her or to take her out?
32 pages, $2.50

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Written by Chuck Dixon; art by William Rosado and Rob Stull; cover by Michael Golden

In stores May 8. "Bruce Wayne: Fugitive" Part 9, guest-starring Robin and Alfred! In order to prove that Bruce was framed for murder, Dick must prove that someone was able to break into the Batcave. But with miles of unexplored caves and Batman's air-tight security system, can even Nightwing find a security gap?
32 pages, $2.25

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May 15th
Written by Devin Grayson and Paul Kupperberg; art by Leonardo Manco and John Watkiss; cover by Brian Bolland

In stores May 15. Part 2 of a tale featuring the deadly Mortician! Batman must devise a way to stop the Mortician from raising more homicidal zombies, while battling the army he's already brought back to life! Plus, a Batman Black & White backup, "No Escape," written by Paul Kupperberg with art by John Watkiss.
40 pages, $2.50


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Written by Karl Kesel; art by Brandon Badeaux and Dan Davis; cover by Terry Dodson and Rachel Dodson

In stores May 15. Last month, Superman busted in and busted up Harley's latest and greatest scheme. Now, the Metropolis story is over, and Harley has paid the ultimate price for her many sins against humanity. So where is she? And what old crimes from her not-so-distant past are going to revisit her in the worst way imaginable? To be more than vague here only would ruin the surprise!
32 pages, $2.25

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May 22nd
Written by Scott Peterson; art by Tim Levins and Terry Beatty; painted cover by Darwyn Cooke

In stores May 22. Landmark 50th issue, featuring a painted cover by Darwyn Cooke (CATWOMAN, BATMAN: EGO)! Catwoman returns! As she faces off with Batman during a foiled break-in, the Cat-burglar takes a bomb. The mystery of who planted it — and what Catwoman was really up to — is one the Dark Knight has to solve with his heart instead of his head, in an action-packed 50th issue!
32 pages, $1.99

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Written by Chuck Dixon; art by Dave Ross and Andrew Pepoy; cover by Phil Noto

In stores May 22. "Bruce Wayne: Fugitive" Part 10! What is the mysterious connection between the final news story of Vesper Fairchild's career and the break-ins at Wayne Manor? Oracle must find the connection, but when Alfred comes forward with even more evidence, the pieces begin to fall into place. Meanwhile, Black Canary makes a final decision regarding Spoiler, and Deathstroke returns…which can only mean trouble.
32 pages, $2.50

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Written by Ed Brubaker; art by Brad Rader and Cameron Stewart; cover by Paul Pope

In stores May 22. Selina's closest friend and confidant, Holly, has gotten herself into life-threatening danger. Catwoman is racing to the scene, but will she make it in time? Meanwhile, Detective Allen (from the Batman books) is drawn into the corrupt cop conspiracy, and Slam Bradley continues his investigation the way only he can…in his boxers!
32 pages, $2.50

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ROBIN #102
Written by Jon Lewis; art and cover by Pete Woods and Andrew Pepoy

In stores May 22. Tim has fallen under the thrall of a mysterious woman, one who might seem familiar to longtime readers. Spoiler's on the case, but when she prevents a murder she steps into an even deeper mystery. Meanwhile, Jack and Dana continue to struggle with their new lives in Gotham, and someone's about to make a deadly decision!
32 pages, $2.25

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May 29th
Written by Ed Brubaker; art and cover by Sean Phillips

In stores May 29. "Bruce Wayne: Fugitive" Part 11, featuring guest-artist Sean Phillips (WILDCATS, SCENE OF THE CRIME)! Old wounds are reopened as Batman is put on the one case he never expected. The Dark Knight is summoned to the bedside of a dying ex-cop, whose wish is to have Batman solve the one case the cop could never close: the murder of Thomas and Martha Wayne! Guest-appearance by Catwoman! Plus, another piece to the Vesper murder is revealed.
32 pages, $2.25

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Written by Steven Grant; art by Bill Sienkiewicz and Terry Moore; cover by Kevin Nowlan

In stores May 29. When Oracle recounts her first encounter with the Joker as the original Batgirl, the current Batgirl gets it in her mind to challenge the Clown Prince of Crime to a duel. Uh-oh! Batman would not approve! For more information, see the feature article.
48 pages, $3.50

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Written and illustrated by Frank Miller; cover by Miller
All three issues of the hottest-selling, most anticipated comic-book of the past five years are still available. Acclaimed writer/artist Frank Miller returns to deliver us a trimmer, more streamlined Dark Knight, and a new persona for Carrie Kelly: Catgirl!

THE DARK KNIGHT STRIKES AGAIN #1 (current printing) — relist
In stores May 1. It all starts here! Three years after the events in THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS, Batman knows the world is nowhere near the perfect little place it pretends to be. It's time to find where all the heroes have gone, and the Dark Knight is the right man for the job. Retailers, please note: Quantities are limited. Orders may be allocated.
80 pages, (1 of 3), Prestige Format, $7.95

THE DARK KNIGHT STRIKES AGAIN #2 (current printing) — relist
In stores May 1. Heroes are found, Batman begins his new war, and…the only other thing we can tell you about issue #2 is: expect the unexpected! Retailers, please note: Quantities are limited. Orders may be allocated.
80 pages, (2 of 3), Prestige Format, $7.95

THE DARK KNIGHT STRIKES AGAIN #3 (current printing) — relist
In stores May 1. The third and final chapter of this epic saga has to be seen to be believed. Featuring more surprises than you're bound to see in any other comic-book this year! Retailers, please note: Quantities are limited. Orders may be allocated.
80 pages, (3 of 3), Prestige Format, $7.95

Look for the DARK KNIGHT STRIKES AGAIN PVC SET, offered by DC Direct.
Written by Alan Moore; art and cover by Brian Bolland

In stores May 29. Reoffered to coincide with the release of DC FIRST: BATGIRL/THE JOKER, this critically-acclaimed one-shot features the amazing talents of writer Alan Moore (WATCHMEN, PROMETHEA, From Hell) and artist Brian Bolland (CAMELOT 3000, Judge Dredd). The Joker goes to some sick and twisted lengths to prove a point to Batman, but will the Dark Knight "get it"?
48 pages, Prestige Format, $5.95