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Read it here first!

Click For Larger Image     Several "DC FIRSTS" are revealed this May in the form of four 48-page one-shots — some never-before-told stories, and some new versions of classic tales — featuring must-see first encounters, first adventures, and first-ever events!

     In DC FIRST: SUPERMAN/LOBO — written by Keith Giffen with art by Cliff Rathburn & Rob Leigh — the Man of Steel and the Main Man have a lot more in common than you might expect. They're orphans from space. They live by a rigid code of honor. And after guzzling gallons of space-brew, they both enjoy belching contests! No, waitasecond…only Lobo does that. Actually, this story is one all Superman fans have been hoping we'd never show: the very first encounter betwClick For Larger Imageeen Superman and Lobo! How did their great relationship start off so well? Why does Superman grit his teeth every time he hears the word "frag"? And why does Lobo hate this milksop planet we call Earth? Read it and weep!

     In DC FIRST: THE FLASH/SUPERMAN — written by Geoff Johns with art by Rick Burchett & Prentis Rollins — it's a whole different kind of "first," as we witness the first race ever between Superman and the Flash! Think you've seen this race before? Think again! While the Man of Steel may have raced Barry Allen and Wally West, he's never raced the original Golden Age Flash, Jay Garrick! One of the deadliest Flash foes ever, Kadabra, has forced our heroes to race against the clock to save the life of Wally! Just how is the so-called "Fastest Man Alive" going to get out of this predicament?

Click For Larger Image     DC FIRST: GREEN LANTERN/GREEN LANTERN — written by Ben Raab with art by Pete Woods & Rob Stull — re-presents a classic tale told in an all-new way: the very first adventure together featuring the Golden Age and Silver Age Green Lanterns! Alan Scott and Hal Jordan team up to face the ancient Oan menace: Krona. Krona seeks to discover the origins of the universe, despite the warnings that it would cause terrible destruction to the universe — and it's up to our pair of ring-slingers to stop him!

Click For Larger Image     Finally, a very personal tale is told in DC FIRST: BATGIRL/THE JOKER, written by Steven Grant with art by Bill Sienkiewicz. Everyone who's read BATMAN: THE KILLING JOKE remembers the chilling and brutal encounter between Barbara Gordon and the Joker. When Oracle recounts her first encounter with the Clown Prince of Crime as the original Batgirl (in a flashback sequence illustrated by upcoming BIRDS OF PREY writer Terry Moore), the current Batgirl gets it in her mind to challenge the Joker to a duel. Uh-oh! Batman would not approve!

     All four DC FIRSTS one-shots feature dazzling covers by the one-and-only Kevin Nowlan ("Jack B. Quick" in TOMMOROW STORIES)! Be the FIRST to read them all!

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     DC FIRST: SUPERMAN/LOBO is edited by Dan Raspler and arrives in comic-book stores May 1. DC FIRST: THE FLASH/SUPERMAN is edited by Joey Cavalieri and arrives in comic-book stores May 8. DC FIRST: GREEN LANTERN/GREEN LANTERN is edited by Michael Wright and arrives in comic-book stores May 15 [New Release Date: May 22]. DC FIRST: BATGIRL/THE JOKER is edited by Lysa Hawkins and arrives in comic-book stores May 29. All four DC FIRST issues are 48-pages with a cover price of $3.50 U.S. each.

This Kitten Has Claws!

     Joanie Jordan is one of the top models in the world: a woman whose stunning features and flawless figure have been featured on the covers of every fashion magazine, and whose name is known to elite designers and adolescent boys alike. But, though she loves her chosen career, Joanie wishes she could do more to help people. And she's about to get her chance, through the oddest set of circumstances she could dream of, in JUST IMAGINE STAN LEE WITH CHRIS BACHALO CREATING CATWOMAN — the latest in the series of one-shots in which living legend Stan Lee has reinvented the best-known characters of the DC Universe with the help of some of comics' greatest artists.

Click For Larger Image     Stylishly illustrated by Bachalo (DEATH: THE HIGH COST OF LIVING, THE WITCHING HOUR) and his STEAMPUNK collaborator, inker Richard Friend, JUST IMAGINE...CATWOMAN finds Joanie — at home alone on a stormy Beverly Hills evening — victim of attempted robbery and blackmail. But fate, in the form of the green mist that has played a role in so many of the JUST IMAGINE... one-shots to date, plays a hand, sending a lightning bolt through a cloud of the emerald mist. The bolt strikes Joanie and her pet cat, Ebony, transforming both of them into beings that are neither entirely human nor entirely feline. Possessing incredible powers that include lethal claws at the end of her fingers, incredible agility, and more, Joanie must find ways to balance life on the catwalk with life as a cat-woman. What's a supermodel/super-heroine to do?

     Completing this JUST IMAGINE... package are two covers, one by Bachalo and Friend, the other by WONDER WOMAN's Adam Hughes. Plus, an "On the Street" backup story (written by Michael Uslan and featuring art by the team that recently launched the new CATWOMAN series, Darwyn Cooke & Mike Allred), that introduces Dinah Drake, a rival supermodel with a pet canary and a nose for trouble. Will she learn Joanie Jordan's secret?

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     JUST IMAGINE STAN LEE WITH CHRIS BACHALO CREATING CATWOMAN is a 48-page Prestige Format one-shot edited by Mike Carlin. It arrives in comic-book stores May 1 with a cover price of $5.95 U.S. [New Release Date: May 15]


     In GREEN LANTERN #50, we witnessed the shocking fall of Hal Jordan and were introduced to Kyle Rayner, who has since become the current Green Lantern. In issue #100, we saw Kyle teamed up with (a younger) Hal in the past, leading to the unforgettable "Emerald Knights" storyline. Now, in the extra-sized GREEN LANTERN #150, prepare for even more big surprises!

     But that's only the beginning of a new Green Lantern Month, which also includes GREEN LANTERN SECRET FILES #3, the DC FIRST: GREEN LANTERN/GREEN LANTERN one-shot (see DC FIRSTS article), and the GREEN LANTERN: CIRCLE OF FIRE TP. Plus, several DC Direct products are advance-solicited this month, including a new production run of the GREEN LANTERN HAL JORDAN ACTION FIGURE, the GREEN LANTERN GUARDIAN: GANTHET STATUE and the JUSTICE LEAGUE ANIMATED: GREEN LANTERN JOHN STEWART MAQUETTE (see DC Direct listings for more info)!

Click For Larger Image     In GREEN LANTERN #150 (written by Judd Winick with art by Dale Eaglesham & Rodney Ramos, and featuring a knockout cover by superstar Jim Lee), it's the end of Ion and the return of Green Lantern! But just who is going to wear the Green Lantern ring? As Kyle visits the moments in the past when various heroes have been given the GL ring (featuring art by Pat Quinn & John Lowe), he must decide exactly how he can best serve the cause of good. With appearances by Hal Jordan (now the Spectre), Alan Scott, John Stewart, Guy Gardner, and others, this issue is the beginning of a whole new Green Lantern! And it's a must-have for anyone who has ever dreamed that the Green Lantern Corps could exist again.

     After the cataclysmic events of GREEN LANTERN #150, explore the past and ever-changing present of Kyle Rayner and DC's other ring bearers in GREEN LANTERN SECRET FILES #3! While Kyle fights a dangerous new foe, Jade's discovery of a different ring from Kyle's past causes her to have worries about their relationship (written by Ben Raab with art by Jamal Igle & Dan Davis). Plus, more stories and profiles of Kyle's enemies and allies!

Click For Larger Image     Then, in the GREEN LANTERN: CIRCLE OF FIRE trade paperback, a nightmarish creation from Kyle's childhood imagination has come to life. He is Oblivion, and he's on a direct course towards Earth. Leaving devastation in his wake, even the force of the World's Greatest Super-Heroes, the JLA, cannot stop him. Aided by six Green Lanterns from different time periods, Kyle not only must battle a foe from his childhood nightmares but his own inner demons and uncertainty as well. With an all-star line-up of writers and artists — including Brian K. Vaughan, Scott Beatty, Jay Faerber, Judd Winick, Norm Breyfogle, Trevor McCarthy, Pete Woods, Cary Nord, Ron Randall, Randy Green, and Robert Teranishi — CIRCLE OF FIRE continues to follow the adventures of Kyle Rayner, a young Green Lantern destined to become one of Earth's greatest heroes. This collection reprints GREEN LANTERN: CIRCLE OF FIRE #1 & 2, GREEN LANTERN/ATOM #1, GREEN LANTERN/POWER GIRL #1, GREEN LANTERN/ADAM STRANGE #1, GREEN LANTERN/FIRESTORM #1, and GREEN LANTERN/GREEN LANTERN #1.

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     GREEN LANTERN #150 is a 48-page issue edited by Bob Schreck with a cover price of $3.50 U.S. GREEN LANTERN SECRET FILES #3 is a 48-page issue co-edited by Mike McAvennie & Ivan Cohen with a cover price of $4.95 U.S. GREEN LANTERN: CIRCLE OF FIRE is a 224-page trade paperback with a cover price of $17.95 U.S.

Check out these GREEN LANTERN items offered this month:
May 15: DC FIRST: GREEN LANTERN/GREEN LANTERN [New Release Date: May 22]


Click For Larger Image     SUPERBOY turns 100! Well, the Kid himself doesn't turn 100 — in fact, he's got a lot of growing up to do…but that's a whole other story. SUPERBOY #100 is an extra-sized extravaganza, however — and to celebrate, Superboy's apartment building gets demolished!

     Brought to you by the current SUPERBOY creative team of writers Jimmy Palmiotti & Dan DiDio, and artists John McCrea & James Hodgkins, issue #100 finds the friends and foes that Superboy's made over the past six issues all converging at the Calvin Gardens building in Suicide Slum. Destruction and death for one person is all but certain, and when the tragedy results in Superboy asking some hard questions about what's next in his future, a visit from Superman prompts the Kid to go on a journey and do the unthinkable!

     This issue features a special 8-page flashback tale brought to you by the series' original creative team of writer Karl Kesel (HARLEY QUINN) and penciller Tom Grummett (THE POWER COMPANY), and serves as a great jumping-on point for SUPERBOY's next storyline! Wrapped in a painted cover by Bill Sienkiewicz, this issue is one you can't pass up!

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     SUPERBOY #100 is a 48-page issue edited by Mike McAvennie. It arrives in comic-book stores May 29 with a cover price of $3.50 U.S. [New Release Date: June 5]

A Knight Falls Again

Click For Larger Image     The hints have been coming for some time. Loyal AZRAEL: AGENT OF THE BAT readers have seen indications that Jean Paul Valley has become inexplicably stronger — much, much stronger — while readers of last year's SECRET FILES GUIDE TO THE DC UNIVERSE 2001-2002 saw that a grave future has been forecast for DC's newest powerhouse. Now the pieces begin to come together, as Azrael learns that his transformation is not necessarily a good thing in AZRAEL: AGENT OF THE BAT #90, guest-starring Nightwing!

     Written by Azrael co-creator Dennis O'Neil, with art by Sergio Cariello & James Pascoe and a stunning cover by Mike Zeck & Jerry Ordway, issue #90 finds Azrael in profound denial about the news he's received. But why does his denial take him to Wayne Manor...and to the "AzBats" armor he wore during BATMAN: KNIGHTFALL? The answers will mean the end of an era for Azrael — and we're not kidding!

     AZRAEL: AGENT OF THE BAT is an ongoing series edited by Mike Carlin. The 32-page issue #90 arrives in comic-book stores May 8 with a cover price of $2.50 U.S.


Click For Larger Image     She's the greatest super-heroine to ever grace the comics page! Gifted with powers by the Greek Gods, Wonder Woman left her Amazon Island home to become one of the greatest champions of "Man's World." Now more of her earliest adventures are collected in WONDER WOMAN ARCHIVES Volume Three — a 240-page hardcover reprinting the Wonder Woman stories from SENSATION COMICS #18-24 and WONDER WOMAN (first series) #5-7!

     Written by Wonder Woman creator William Mouton Marston, with art by H.G. Peter and Frank Godwin, Volume Three also features an introduction by noted comics historian Les Daniels (Wonder Woman: The Complete History). Wonder Woman enters a prime period with this volume that features the debut of one of her most famous adversaries: the Cheetah! Also introduced is another great villain, Dr. Psycho, to bedevil our favorite Amazon. In addition to these landmarks there is the return of Mars, Lord Conquest, the Duke of Deception, and the Earl of Greed! Toss in stories of a lost race of Incas, a school bully, a trip 1000 years into the future, Fifth Columnists, yet another face-off with the Cheetah, and much more, and you have a collection of tales that depict our favorite Amazon at her Golden-Age best!

     WONDER WOMAN ARCHIVES Volume Three is a 240-page hardcover, arriving in comic-book stores May 22 with a cover price of $49.95 U.S. [New Release Date: June 26]


     You've read the acclaimed, action-packed blockbuster of a sequel THE DARK KNIGHT STRIKES AGAIN. You've bought THE DARK KNIGHT STRIKES AGAIN STATUE for display. But you're still thirsting for more of Frank Miller's innovative reinterpretations of classic DC characters, aren't you?

Click For Larger Image     Well look no further, as DC Direct is proud to present THE DARK KNIGHT STRIKES AGAIN PVC SET, advance-solicited this month for arrival in September! Six key characters from the epic miniseries are featured in this beautifully-detailed PVC Set that perfectly captures Miller's unique vision. Batman, Catgirl, Superman, Lex Luthor, Wonder Woman, and the Atom are all immortalized in figures ranging from 2 1/8" to 4 1/8" tall.

     These six powerful figures come packaged in a 4-color window box, and make a perfect addition to any display shelf.

     THE DARK KNIGHT STRIKES AGAIN PVC SET is advance-solicited and arrives in comic-book stores September 25 with a price of $39.95 U.S.


Clcik For Larger Image     Has it been fifty years already? My, where does the time go? MAD Magazine celebrates five decades of non-stop hilarity this year! And that calls for something special…like the MAD 50th ANNIVERSARY BOX SET — featuring DC Direct action figures of MAD's resident idiot and "What, me worry?" mascot, Alfred E. Neuman, and the irrepressible Spy Vs. Spy guys! The ALFRED E. NEUMAN ACTION FIGURE stands approximately 6" tall, and looks stupid no matter how you pose him! The WHITE SPY ACTION FIGURE and BLACK SPY ACTION FIGURE each come with an (inactive!) bomb and spy glass. This advance-solicited set, packaged in a 4-color window box, also comes with a special 24-page black-and-white MAD Magazine chock full of 50 years of highlights from MAD! Don't wait another fifty years to get your hands on this once-in-your-lifetime set!

Clcik For Larger Image     But DC Direct doesn't stop their MAD-ness there! Also advance-solicited this month are two new additions to the JUST-US-LEAGUE OF STUPID HEROES! The outrageousness continues with the ALFRED E. NEUMAN AS GREEN ARROW ACTION FIGURE! MAD MAGAZINE's resident moron straps on a bow and arrow to fight the bad guys as the Emerald Archer. This ridiculous action figure features multiple points of articulation, stands approximately 6 1/8" tall, and comes packaged with a golf bag-quiver, an extra set of hands, a bow that looks like a fishing rod, and a plunger arrow. Then look out for the ALFRED E. NEUMAN AS ROBIN ACTION FIGURE! Battling The Joker is gonna be the least of Batman's worries with this "hero" fighting at his side! With multiple points of articulation and standing approximately 6 1/8" tall, ALFRED E. NEUMAN AS ROBIN features a cloth cape and comes packaged with a sling shot and a lollipop emblazoned with the "Bat-signal."

Clcik For Larger Image     Both JUST-US-LEAGUE figures are packaged in 4-color blister packs and sold individually. Retailers also have an option of ordering the JUST-US-LEAGUE OF STUPID HEROES ASSORTMENT I which contains the following figures: two each of the ALFRED E. NEUMAN AS BATMAN and ALFRED E. NEUMAN AS SUPERMAN actions figures, and one each of the AFLRED E. NEUMAN AS THE FLASH, ALFRED E. NEUMAN AS GREEN LANTERN, ALFRED E. NEUMAN AS GREEN ARROW, and ALFRED E. NEUMAN AS ROBIN action figures.

     The MAD 50th ANNIVERSARY BOX SET, the JUST-US-LEAGUE OF STUPID HEROES: ALFRED E. NEUMAN AS GREEN ARROW ACTION FIGURE, the JUST-US-LEAGUE OF STUPID HEROES: ALFRED E. NEUMAN AS ROBIN ACTION FIGURE, and the JUST-US-LEAGUE OF STUPID HEROES ASSORTMENT I are all advance-solicited and due to arrive in comic-book stores September 4. Consult your retailer for pricing information for each item.

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