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Comic Writers Try To Get A Leg Up On Kickstarter

by on May 9, 2014

Famous Mexican general Santa Anna used to have two good legs – then one of them got shot by a cannon and had to be amputated – all fairly standard fare for 1838 as far as war injuries go. But then Santa Anna decided to get weird – he had his amputated leg buried with full military honors. Years later when the Mexican people became disillusioned with Santa Anna, they dug up his leg and…well, here the story gets a bit murky…so comic book writer Van Jensen and illustrator Jose Pimienta created their own legend of “The Leg” and have put it on crowdfunding site Kickstarter in hopes of publishing their own graphic novel series based on the adventures of “The Leg”.

Meanwhile, when he had to beat a hasty retreat and leave it behind, Santa Anna’s prosthetic leg was captured by the USA in a subsequent skirmish and is currently stored at the Illinois State Military Museum.

The Kickstarter fund for “The Leg” expires on June 4, 2014.

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