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Comedy Central to Air "The Goode Family" Starting Jan 4, 2010 (UPDATED)

by on December 18, 2009

On January 4, 2010, Comedy Central will begin airing the complete first season of The Goode Family, the animated comedy series created by Mike Judge, John Altschuler, and Dave Krinsky which had a brief run on ABC after Judge’s King of the Hill was canceled. The show centers on the Goodes, an over-zealous left-wing family who lives by the credo WWAGD (What Would Al Gore Do?)

The full press release follows:

“The Goode Family” to Air on Comedy Central Beginning in 2010

Animated Comedy Series Spoofing the Left-Leaning and Politically Correct from
Media Rights Capital and Ternion Pictures’ Mike Judge, John Altschuler and Dave Krinsky
to Make Comedy Central Debut January 4, 2010

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New York, NY- “The Goode Family,” the satirical animated series from Mike Judge, John Altschuler and Dave Krinsky, will air on Comedy Central beginning January 4, 2010 in a secondary run. “The Goode Family,” which first premiered in May 2009, is produced by Media Rights Capital, Ternion Pictures and 3 Arts Entertainment.

The complete first season of “The Goode Family” will air on Comedy Central on Wednesday nights at 10:30 pm ET, giving vegans, lesbians, right-wing conservatives, Prius owners, Texas-rednecks and liberals-who-can-laugh-at-themselves a second chance to fall in love with the Goodes.

“Mike, John and Dave certainly turn the tables on liberals with this show. That’s not done very often on television, but the humor comes from skewering extremism and taking things too far, either to the left or the right,” said Modi Wiczyk, Co-CEO of MRC. “We know Comedy Central viewers will embrace ‘The Goode Family.'”

“‘The Goode Family’ isn’t just about ridiculing liberals; It’s about tackling the issues most TV shows haven’t,” said creator and Executive Producer John Altschuler. “I mean where else are you going to see an episode about class warfare in the Lesbian community or the downside of consorting with eco-terrorists?”

With standards always changing, no matter how hard you try to be good, it’s virtually impossible these days . . . especially for the Goode family. Meet Gerald and Helen Goode, a couple who live by the motto WWAGD (“What Would Al Gore Do?”) Gerald, a college administrator, and Helen, a community activist, are determined to obliterate their carbon footprint on the planet: They’re zealous vegans, drive a hybrid, and recycle everything possible. Even the family dog, Che, is vegan. In the words of Helen, all the Goodes want to do is buy organic apples and call minorities by their right names. But despite their best efforts, something always goes haywire with their politically correct plans.

“The Goode Family” is voiced by Mike Judge as Gerald, Nancy Carell as Helen, Dave Herman as Ubuntu, Linda Cardellini as Bliss and Brian Doyle Murray as Charlie.

John Altschuler (“King of the Hill,” Blades of Glory), Mike Judge (“King of the Hill,” “Beavis and Butt-head,” “Office Space”), Dave Krinsky (“King of the Hill,” “Blades of Glory”), Michael Rotenberg and Tom Lassally are executive producers of the series. “The Goode Family” is produced by Media Rights Capital, Ternion Pictures and 3 Arts Entertainment.

(CORRECTION: An earlier version of this article stated that The Goode Family aired on Fox, not ABC.)

(UPDATED December 18, 2009: Premiere date changed to January 4 from January 6, 2009)

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