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"Code Lyoko" Travels From the Small Screen to Major Retail Stores

by on August 21, 2006



New Toys and DVD’s Inspired By the Hit Animated, Action-Adventure Series Will Be Available, For the First Time, for Back-to-School and Holiday

August 17, 2006 — Jeremy, Ulrich, Yumi and Odd action figures will be on every kid’s wish list this year when the adventurous characters of Cartoon Network’s hit animated action television series, Code Lyoko make their retail debut this year at major retailers across the U.S., including Toys ‘R Us, Wal*Mart and Target.

The Code Lyoko merchandise officially launches this month in time for back-to-school and holiday. Marvel Toys has created a wide range of products inspired by the adventures of Yumi, Ulrich, Odd and Jeremie, ordinary students turned action heroes, as they travel through the virtual digital world of Lyoko in their quest to save the universe. The new toy line includes action figures vehicles, role play toys and collectibles. >

FUNimation will release a collector’s DVD box set, Code Lyoko Season 1, on September 12th, featuring 26 episodes that includes 12 never-before-released episodes from “XANA Unleashed,” “XANA. Possessed” and Movies, Music & Mayhem. Additionally, an all-new DVD title, “Sector 5 Mystery,” available in November 2006, features the first four episodes plus a bonus episode from Season 2.

The online community, www.codelyoko.com continues to grow with over over 260,000 members to date with an average of six million pages viewed per month.

ABOUT THE TOYS (Marvel Toys):
5″ Action Figures
SRP $7.99, Ages 4+
Relive battles between the famous heroes and monsters from Code Lyoko. Each figure is an exact likeness of their cartoon inspirations. Cool action features and authentic accessories let you recreate their signature powers. Two series are available now. For a limited time, all Series 1 & 2 figures will include a CD-ROM containing exclusive animation, wallpapers and more!

Series 1:
– Ulrich with Virtualization Chamber
– Odd with Freewheeling Overboard
– Yumi on Laser Battle Overwing
– Blok with Triple Spin & Shoot Action

Series 2:
– Odd with Virtualization Chamber
– Ulrich with Freewheeling Overbike
– Aelita with Light-Up Code Lyoko Panel
– Megatank with Projectile Launching Action


Code Lyoko Press Release
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Role Play
Cyber Battle Sets
SRP $14.99, Ages 4+
Code Lyoko is all about empowering kids, and Marvel Toys gives fans two great sets inspired by two of the heroes from the series – Odd, agile as a cat, who sees into the future and uses laser arrows to bring XANA’s monsters down and Ulrich, the stop-at-nothing martial artist who uses his laser sword, speed and the ability to replicate himself to save the world.
· Odd Dress Up Set includes 2 plush paws, an arrow launcher and 5 laser arrows
· Ulrich Dress Up Set includes headband, motion-activated light & sound samurai sword and sheath

Radio Control Virtual Riders
SRP $16.99, Ages 4+
Take command of Odd’s Overboard and Ulrich’s Overbike! Full-function radio control can lets you maneuver vehicles left, right, forward, backward and even around and around in dizzying 360-degree spins! Removable bendy figures make for cool adventures on and off their vehicles.

Collectible Battle Packs
SRP $7.99, Ages 4+
Wish that you could watch your favorite episode of Code Lyoko and play right along with the action? With these Code Lyoko Battle Packs, you can! Like a virtual episode-in-a-box, each set in this Code Lyoko assortment is themed around one of your favorite episodes. Just turn the TV on, crack open your package, and play right along! Even when the episode ends, use your creativity and make up new stories that get Yumi, Odd, Ulrich, and Jeremie closer to meeting their goal of saving the Earth! Each set comes wtih 4- 5 different 1″-2.5″ figures, and a special diorama representing 2D Earth or the 3D world of Lyoko.

SRP $19.98. Ages 6 – 12 years old
Code Lyoko Season 1 DVD box collector’s set: Total devastation is approaching Earth and the parallel universe of Lyoko. X.A.N.A., a powerfully destructive virus from the virtual realm, has infected our planet’s Super Computer. The existence of both worlds now rests in the hands of four kids who are students on Earth and supernatural heroes in Lyoko. With the mysterious Aelita as their only guide, they must overcome swarms of monsters, sinister deceptions and impossible odds to restore prosperity. Hang on for a 26-episode thrill ride and never-before-seen final battle that will determine the ultimate fate of Lyoko and Earth!
SRP $14.98. Ages 6 – 12 years old
Our young heroes travel to an unknown territory, Sector 5, in Season 2 of Code Lyoko. “Sector 5 Mystery includes the first four 30 minute episodes from Season 2, plus bonus episodes.

The series tells the story of a group of students who discover the existence of a mysterious parallel universe called Lyoko, where a supercomputer threatens to take over the world. It’s up to the four boarding school students to help Aelita, a humanoid being inside Lyoko, to stop the renegade program X.A.N.A and his plans to attack their world. Jeremie, the genius of the team, helps the group “virtualize” into the 3D Lyoko universe. With special powers, vehicles and weapons, they fight to keep the world from falling under XANA’s control.

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