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Cobie Smulders Talks to Conan About the Disgusting Personal Habits of Models

by on June 11, 2014

Cobie Smulders’ character in the Avengers franchise films, SHIELD Agent Maria Hill, is probably used to some rough living. But even she might be a little sickened by the conditions Smulders describes to Conan O’Brien from the time she was starting out in her career and sharing an apartment with eight other models.

I moved to New York pretty much like the day after I graduated high school.
I used to model and I moved right into this bizarre models’ apartment.
It’s probably worth millions of dollars now because it’s in the meat packing district but back then it was really dirty and it’s where they slaughtered animals.
CONAN: And models lived there?
That seems to strange.
How many models lived in one apartment?
COBIE SMULDERS: Usually about eight at a time.
There were bunk beds and it was a two-bedroom apartment and there are sets of bunk beds and it was like so filthy, this apartment.
Like these beautiful women —
CONAN: That’s so weird.
I don’t think about beautiful models living together being filthy.
COBIE SMULDERS: Yes, they were filthy.
They were like from all over the globe so there would be weird vegetables strewn all over — sauerkraut out on the table and the cockroaches would come in.
CONAN: I would still want to live there with those models.
Nothing you say can make me not love an apartment filled with models.
COBIE SMULDERS: In bunk beds.

Conan also spent a little time with Wikibear, the Wikipedia-enabled toy bear that’s full of knowledge, and obsessed with murder and death.


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