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CLIP: “Sailor Moon Crystal” Teaser Video and Gallery

by on June 7, 2014

A new teaser for Sailor Moon Crystal was officially posted on the video sharing site Youtube this week.  The trailer offers a first look at the series’ animation and art style with a focus on the lead heroine Usagi and her feline mentor Luna, though it also includes her fellow sailor guardians Sailor Mercury, Sailor Mars, Sailor Jupiter and Sailor Venus.

The new video has achieved tremendous attention in a short time, amassing nearly 3.4 million views since Thursday, June 5 at the time of this writing. A production of Toei Animation, Sailor Moon Crystal features character designs by Yukie Sakou and art direction from Takashi Kurahashi and Yumi Hosaka (Mononoke, Gatchaman Crowds). The show was recently acquired for distribution in North America by Viz Media, along with the original 1990s Sailor Moon animated series. The new show is a fresh retelling of Naoko Takeuchi’s original manga, and currently planned for an initial run of 26 episodes.

On July 5 Sailor Moon Crystal will debut as an online broadcast on multiple outlets, including globally on the website Nico Nico as well as Crunchyroll and the U.S.-exclusive Hulu. Crunchyroll has most recently announced a broadcast time of 7 PM, with region availability still to be announced. After the premiere, a new episode of Sailor Moon Crystal will debut every two weeks on the first and third Saturday of every month.

The teaser video and screenshots follow. The trailer features the Sailor Moon Crystal opening theme “Moon Pride”, composed by REVO and the band Linked Horizon and performed by Momoiro Clover Z. The Japanese female idol group will also perform the ending theme “Moonbow”, composed by Akiko Kosaka.

SailorMoonCrystalTeaser_1 SailorMoonCrystalTeaser_2

SailorMoonCrystalTeaser_3 SailorMoonCrystalTeaser_4 

SailorMoonCrystalTeaser_5 SailorMoonCrystalTeaser_6

SailorMoonCrystalTeaser_7 SailorMoonCrystalTeaser_8

SailorMoonCrystalTeaser_9 SailorMoonCrystalTeaser_10

SailorMoonCrystalTeaser_11 SailorMoonCrystalTeaser_12

SailorMoonCrystalTeaser_13 SailorMoonCrystalTeaser_14

 SailorMoonCrystalTeaser_15 SailorMoonCrystalTeaser_16

 SailorMoonCrystalTeaser_17 SailorMoonCrystalTeaser_18


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