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Childrens Hospital Episode Recap – A Year In The Life – Season 4, Episode 10

by on October 26, 2012

Synopsis:Sy is fired, rehired, fired again and finally rehired – sorry to give it away but , that’s the “plot”, such as it is – and essentially what that means is that we’ve got a standard year-in-review episode via all the major holidays, including the best one of them all – Halloween [which should be a major holiday].

Halloween is always the best holiday of the year at Childrens Hospital.

Details: Sy has been fired as the hospital administrator by the Big Corporate Behemoth organization that owns Childrens Hospital because he spent two million dollars to put a helicopter on the roof [“why put it in the basement?] – but saves his job for a year by offering to turn the CH helipad into an airport for businessmen and tourists. Meanwhile, as we travel through the holidays [minus Valentine’s Day – this should not be a holiday in any sense, shape or form], we learn that Lola – whose middle name is Adolph, remember – has a sweet spot for Dr. Joseph “Dr. Joe” Mengela and his cake pops while fending off all holiday advances from Owen and going out with criminals [Elvis the stockbroker who turns into Elvis the professional rapist] and Blake fathers a clown child with Dori the special guest nurse for this episode. Their baby transaction is handled in typical business fashion and a check is cut with the understanding that Dori will not bother Blake’s golf game or extensive cuff link collection. While the rooftop helicopter airport business does not take off for Sy, he is still rehired for another year to try out his next visionary idea involving dancing girls.

The Poop and Skinny: First, as we always say with “Childrens Hospital”, any episode with Sy as a central element is almost guaranteed to be a good episode and this episode fits that bill as Sy meanders throughout each holiday segment lamenting about his helicopter idea and putting the hospital in the black before finally declaring near the end – in a nice touch – that “happy days” are here! In other news, Lola discovers from her flight attendant co-workers that apparently husbands like to put various items up their wives’ butts and finally, please try and remember that Childrens Hospital is now located in Brazil. For some reason, Chief has been eliminated for the year-in-review, that is all.

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