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Childrens Hospital Episode Recap – The Chief’s Origin – Season 4, Episode 3

by on September 3, 2012

Synopsis: The chief has so many stories to tell – there’s the one about Scrabble, the one about mustaches, the one about experimenting in college, the one about Parkinson’s Juice. Are you listening? Pay attention when the Chief is speaking or else why don’t you go jump in a lake!

Woooo! Chief’s dad does the lambada – the forbidden dance – a vision that most certainly loosened up the fallopian tubes of Chief’s mother.

Details: Sy has been keeping a secret from everyone at Childrens Hospital. No, it’s not that one about the time he worked as an anchorman at the local television station and fell off the wagon headfirst into the bean dip. It’s also not the one where he was making exciting sounds while tethered to a wombat in Australia. Nor is it the one where he was in an off-Broadway play about a felonious group of trampoline artists. His secret is named Jerry, wears a mustache and would like everyone to hear how the Chief came into this world. Thanks to a lucky Scrabble break, the Chief narrowly misses being named Whore instead of Chief – whew, that was a close one – only to find out later she was born with a debilitating disease which makes her sing without any known reason – sorta like those musicals from the 1940s and 50s – and just like it is in real life when you’re watching those musicals, everyone begins to daydream.  Val and Blake dream of confronting Sy, Owen dreams of being hit by a car and then rescuing himself while Lola can’t dream of anything good so she injects herself into Chief’s dream of slurping down too much Parkinson’s Juice [a new brand name not yet on the market]. A mustache plays heavily in the role of the murder weapon and everybody pays dearly for not listening to the chief’s ramblings when they discover that, in the end – who knew the Chief had a blog? Probably only the crazy Brazilian doctors.

You just knew a dream episode was coming shortly after the viral amnesia episode because nobody can ever remember not having a dream episode, right? Besides, all the best soap operas and dramas always shave dream episodes – but do they ever feature mustaches and Parkinson’s Juice? No! Also, this episode clearly exhibits how you should always be either a good listener or a good fake listener – but if you choose to be a fake listener, watch out for Jerry.

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