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Childrens Hospital Episode Recap – The Boy with the Pancakes Tattoo – Season 4, Episode 1

by on August 29, 2012

Synopsis: An airborne virus spreads amnesia – causing panic and, oh yeah, memory loss. Pancakes seem to play an exaggerated but important role. We discover Sy has a panic room, sudden royalty can bring out a submerged Napoleon complex and, above all, Tuesday is always a crazy day.

The Childrens Hospital personnel has reassembled for another season of quirky bedside manners not covered by insurance nor subdued by any known medication.

Details: A new tattoo parlor has opened up across the street from Childrens Hospital – Yippeee! Now barb wire across the biceps can be mandatory for all interns – finally! – while other staff may enjoy the branding themselves with obscure designs after a night most surely immersed in Sailor Jerry rum. But wait… before all the tattoo fun can officially begin, Sy has some medical waste he has to dispose of in the tattoo shop’s dumpster. A kid who went to the parlor has the wrong band name tattooed on his arm (“Pancakes” instead of “Blackhole”) with old needles from the dumpster. He comes to Childrens Hospital to have it removed and unknowingly spreads an airborne version of amnesia. This causes Owen and The Chief seem to have some serious fine dining and sex issues that require both medical and psychological attention. Meanwhile, Blake finds that he is immune to the virus but not to the Sudden Onset Napoleon Syndrome. he declares himself king, which allows him to both stick a finger in Val’s mouth without immediate retribution while also assigning various titles as only royalty can. Glenn determines that green does indeed mean good (red is bad) as he gives the amnesia virus amnesia and it all works out nicely in the end – as near as we can recall.

 Perhaps the most important things to remember from this episode are your mock outrage about the whereabouts of the kid’s mom while he’s out getting tatted up – what is this – Vegas or Mississippi or someplace? Also, just how are pancakes different from hotcakes or flapjacks? This episode won’t tell you that – a glaring mistake that burns a hole through your soul and one which you will undoubtedly take to your grave. Other than that, it contains the standard hysterically screaming woman, the federally mandated amount of surgical breathing masks and what is most likely a cadaver – as far as you know. How does all this relate to each other? Oh, you’ll find out…or maybe you won’t. But either way, bwahahahahahaha!

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