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Childrens Hospital Episode Recap: Season Five, Episode Three – The C-Word

by on August 11, 2013

Fake Freddie Mercury [James Adomian] performs for the Childrens' Hospital Stars & Stripes Show.

Fake Freddie Mercury [James Adomian] performs for the Childrens’ Hospital Stars & Stripes Show.

Synopsis: Owen is in a time loop, then he isn’t…and to increase morale, you’ll never guess who Glenn got for the Stars & Stripes Show!

Details: Owen begins the episode apparently stuck in a time loop a la “Groundhog Day”] as he wakes up to the same music and watches Blake first step through some cement and into a plate of glass then – on the next day – miss the cement and the plate of glass only to slip on a banana peel.

Glenn is put in charge of arranging the entertainment for the Stars & Stripes Show to increase staff morale but all he has booked for the show so far are celebrity holograms [of which the headliner is Bono’s hologram] and Glenn Close [“Who’s he?” questions Sy] until the Chief announces some disturbing news…the plane carrying all the celebrity holograms for the performance has been shot down over the Sea of Japan and taken down Bono’s hologram with it.

But Glenn is saved from having to book the Chief as the main act when it just so happens that Chase McKeever – call him The C-Word [parody of Justin Bieber] – has mysteriously appeared on the Army Base hospital in Osaka while en route to an MTV show and almost immediately, Chet comes down with an especially virulent form of McKeever Fever.

Not only does Glenn get McKeever to appear on stage but also a fake Madonna, a fake Rihanna, a fake Freddie Mercury, a fake Louis CK and a fake Kate Upton – all played by James Adomian.

As do Owen on his trumpet and Fake Madonna [Adomian].

As do Owen on his trumpet and Fake Madonna [Adomian].

The Poop and Skinny: The Chief [Megan Mulally] makes her first appearance this season.

The multiple planes “shot down over the Sea of Japan” were references to a classic “M*A*S*H” episode where the character of Henry played by McLean Stevenson, is killed off. One of the planes shot down contains “all the pizza in Japan…there are no survivors.”

Sy laments to Glenn about his bookings for the show – “Why can’t you be more like MTV?”

The final intonation from hospital announcer Michael Cera – “Attention staff: if you’re a Japanese woman with freckles, you know you’ve got it pretty good, right?”

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