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Childrens Hospital Episode Recap: Season Five, Episode Six – The Gang Get Sushi

by on October 3, 2013

Dr. Brian gives Lola the elbow massage during impressionist boot camp.

Dr. Brian gives Lola the elbow massage during impressionist boot camp.

Synopsis: Lola is on her way to sushi night with the staff when she is kidnapped by special ops guy Dr. Brian [Jordan Peele] to employ Lola’s impressionist abilities to save the world…or something.

Details: The staff is dropping everything to go out for sushi night in Osaka but Lola first has to download a few more pictures on her phone before she joins them and is kidnapped by Dr. Brian – who darts her while she is still downloading her pics.

After brief rekindling of their romance from previous episodes, Brian puts Lola through impressionist boot camp where she moves quickly from one impression to another [Rodney Dangerfield, Joan Rivers, etc.] and eventually graduates so she can be available for a mission sending her to a NATO dinner where she will be impersonating an impressionist to impress a notorious German impressionist curmudgeon. Lola does impressions of Seinfeld, Forrest Gump, Yoda and a “Who’s on first?” routine between Julia Child and Christopher Walken.

After successfully impressing the German, Lola is invited to join the military as a traveling impressionist entertaining Afghani warlords and Afghani gaylords.

While Owen is attempting to converse with his assortment of imaginary friends without tipping it off, Glenn and Val decide to have some fun with him by seemingly pretending to attack the imaginary friends until imaginary Steve Perry shows up and accuses Glenn of no longer believing – at which point Glenn begins to help Owen save his imaginary friends.

But it is too late. Owen has grown out of his imaginary friend phase and it is time for the group to move on. Dylan the orphan kid seems like the first option but he has discovered Playboy magazines and has declined imaginary friends though he reluctantly accepts Doctor Santa Claus as a temporary fill-in.

Dylan the orphan kid and Doctor Santa Claus depart the hospital and Cat comes to the conclusion that she didn’t want the orphan kid who talks to himself anyway.

The Poop and Skinny: Who knew that sushi was raw fish? Yuck!

The doctors leave an unknown nurse [actually Nurse Dori] to finish heart surgery so they can all go to sushi night.

Erinn Hayes – the actress playing the character of Lola Spratt – will be taking a temporary hiatus from the series while she works on her roles in the NBC comedy “Guys With Kids” and the NBC comedy pilot, “Holding Patterns”.

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