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Childrens Hospital Episode Recap – Season Five, Episode Four – Country Weekend

by on August 19, 2013

Cat's fiance has met Alex Van Halen - twice!

Cat’s fiance has met Alex Van Halen – twice!

Synopsis: Cat and Michael are getting married…along with just about the entire cast [minus Sy and the Chief] at Cat’s parents’ country home which just happens to be located near the hospital at the same Army base in Japan where they are all temporarily relocated – isn’t that a nice coincidence?

Details: Cat announces she is getting married to Michael [who nobody has actually met] and the nuptials are all taking place at Cat’s parents’ country home which just happens to be conveniently located near the hospital at the same Army base in Osaka, Japan, where the entire Childrens Hospital crew has been temporarily relocated.

Since Cat is getting married, the episode almost immediately is turned into a cliché-ridden typical soap opera-ish version of nearly any wedding episode you have ever seen of any television show in the past 50 years. With Cat’s big occasion looming, everybody – minus Sy and the Chief, who are mysteriously absent – take the opportunity to either show up at Cat’s pre-nuptial party with a surprise mate or make an awkward surprise announcement. Glenn shows up with a deaf wife named Shari [who seems to be constantly showing her displeasure with him via wild sign language gesturing].

Next comes Valerie, who announces that she is dating Weird Al Yankovic [but who is actually Judah Friedlander] gesturing wildly. Following that is Lola, who is paired with Marvin – who is always on a cellphone seemingly making some important arrangement – and finally comes Owen, who has Denise [Carla Gallo].

Just as your brain is trying to keep track of all these unseen and unforeseen couples, Cat begins introducing her new fiancé, Michael, who works as a cashier at Guitar Center and claims to have met Alex Van Halen – twice! But before you have a chance to wrap your head around that stunning announcement, Glenn has already murdered his sign language-flinging wife, Shari, and is now busy trying to affix blame for the deed on somebody else at the country home [a la “Murder By Death”]

Then comes the next surprise announcement – that Lola and Michael have a synergistic past when both were at Columbia University – and the pair eventually hook up while Michael is attempting a #2 on the toilet [only to later admit that was purely a ruse and he really had the hot-to-trots for the Betty the maid].

Weird Al Yankovic - as portrayed by Judah Friedlander.

Weird Al Yankovic – as portrayed by Judah Friedlander.

In the end, it all works out though as Michael admits he never actually met Alex Van Halen, Denise and Marvin are caught having sex, Glenn admits to killing Shari while everybody looks the other way and Blake wanders in eventually for no apparent reason.

The Poop and Skinny: In Lola’s flashbacks, the actual Weird Al Yankovic plays the young college age Michael who first impresses the young college age Lola with his intricate knowledge of the collegiate delicacy known as peanut butter and bread.

While at Columbia, Lola was studying pre-med while Michael was studying “pre-ejaculate making its way up my vas deferens.”

“Short of Eddie, that is the Van Halen you want to meet” – Cat trying to pump up her fiance’s social resume when he first admits to having met a Van Halen member.

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