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Childrens Hospital – Episode Recap – Season Five, Episode Five – Imaginary Friends

by on August 23, 2013

Synopsis: Cat wants to have a child of her own [after an offhand remark from Glenn] while Childrens hospital closes a smoking lounge and opens an Imaginary Friends ward.

Details: A little boy named Dylan is being consoled and soothed by the Chief until she finds out that he has an imaginary friend named Jasper Pants who, she decides, must be taken out of the room and moved to the newly created Imaginary Friends ward at Childrens Hospital. Meanwhile, Glenn offhandedly mentions that he has been both jonesing for a cigarillo and that Cat would make a good mother some day.

Each comment is taken a few extra scenes but the cigarillo topic peters out since Cat has decided she wants a baby sooner rather than later and immediately sets off trying to steal a baby – who Cat diagnoses as having “horse AIDS” – from a mother whose child is already in the hospital.

While Glenn – who has admitted to having an imaginary friend named Steve Perry – is searching for a place to enjoy a cigarillo, Sy appears and announces that the doctor’s smoking lounge will be closed – this alarms Owen, who had been using the smoking lounge as his impromptu imaginary friends ward where he housed his collection of imaginary friends that included a pirate, strongman, Drunk Daddy and Doctor Santa Claus, amongst others.

While Owen is attempting to converse with his assortment of imaginary friends without tipping it off, Glenn and Val decide to have some fun with him by seemingly pretending to attack the imaginary friends until imaginary Steve Perry shows up and accuses Glenn of no longer believing – at which point Glenn begins to help Owen save his imaginary friends.

But it is too late. Owen has grown out of his imaginary friend phase and it is time for the group to move on. Dylan the orphan kid seems like the first option but he has discovered Playboy magazines and has declined imaginary friends though he reluctantly accepts Doctor Santa Claus as a temporary fill-in.

Dylan the orphan kid and Doctor Santa Claus depart the hospital and Cat comes to the conclusion that she didn’t want the orphan kid who talks to himself anyway.

The Poop and Skinny: A cigarillo is neither a cigar nor a cigarette but a curious combination of the two.

Steve Perry – in the infinitely small chance you did not know – was the lead singer of a popular 70s/80s rock band Journey. Imaginary Steve Perry accuses Glenn of no longer believing – “Don’t Stop Believin’” was one of Journey’s biggest hits.

The final credits scenes show Val engaging in imaginary sex with strongman and Drunk Daddy.

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