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Childrens Hospital Episode Recap: Season Five, Episode 13 – Coming And Going

by on October 26, 2013

Lola trying to help Owen have an orgasm [with the assistance of Rabbi McJewJew].

Lola trying to help Owen have an orgasm [with the assistance of Rabbi McJewJew].

Synopsis: It’s the fifth season finale featuring an epiphany-athon as Val delivers a baby, Owen experiences and orgasm, Glenn discovers the meaning of life and Chief and Sy go to the opera.

Details: The fifth season finale is an epiphany parade that begins at the hospital after saving yet another patient in the operating room – ho-hum – Glenn doesn’t feel any challenge to life any longer and decides to go off both the deep end and a tangent at the same time – letting his more adventurous impulsive side take over. Meanwhile, Lola has a premium cable coupon that can’t be redeemed unless you’re pregnant – fortunately Val is pregnant – and Sy has two tickets to the Oprah show. Rabbi Jewy McJewJew is holding a mental therapy session and reveals that Owen has never had an orgasm.

In the second round of the epiphany-athon, figuring no life is worth living unless you can live a little, Glenn raids the ammunition closet at the army base where Childrens Hospital is temporarily located while its Brazilian headquarters are refurbished. Cat calls Val stupid for trying to fly on an airplane while she’s pregnant [plus she’s just a little bit more than miffed that Val won’t allow her to deliver her baby]. Upon Rabbi McJewJew’s suggestion, Lola agrees to have sex to help him with his little orgasm problem – but she has some ground rules while Sy and Chief discover they are not at the Oprah show, but rather, the opera.

In Round Three of the epiphany parade, Cat calls in a bomb threat to force airplanes to stay grounded and therefore prevent Val from flying while she’s pregnant, Glenn accidentally shoots out the power for the base and Lola tries to have sex with Owen only by opening the holes in their clothing where the private parts are located.

In the fourth journey through the epiphanies, Glenn is firing on an American helicopter thinking they are either dogs or terrorists, the bombs being fired off by the choppers are stimulating Owen so Lola thinks they should go outside to have sex, Val recruits a four year-old girl – Dr. Little Girl – to perform the baby delivery instead of Cat.

In the final throes of the epiphany episode, Glenn is shot and killed – but no, it’s just the other Jewish doctor on staff – then he is hit, but only wounded. Lola thinks having additional people join in will help Owen so she invites Nurse Dori and Owen invites Rabbi McJewJew.

To bring it all home, while Glenn reminisces about life, Blake runs outside to raise the American flag and show the attackers that they are Americans and promptly gets shot for his troubles, Val delivers her baby, Owen has an orgasm – but then admits he’s actually had one before and blames it on semantics and Sy and Chief return to the hospital with Sy taking on Chief’s role and complaining that it looks like a bomb hit the hospital.

The Poop and Skinny: Lola’s ground rules for sex with Owen include no falling in love and no butt stuff – obviously.

Jack McBrayer makes a guest appearance as a soldier showing Glenn to the ammunition closet.

“I want boots on the ground! Boots with guns!” – military commander barking instructions to try and deal with Glenn’s shooting spree.

The Chief likes meatballs.

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