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Childrens Hospital Episode Recap: Season Five, Episode 12 – My Friend Falcon

by on October 19, 2013

Just Falcon - as portrayed by Ken Marino.

Just Falcon – as portrayed by Ken Marino.

Synopsis: It’s another one of those behind-the-scenes Childrens Hospital episodes as director David Wain explains – sorta – the enigma that is Just Falcon [Ken Marino] in documentary style.

Details: Every once in awhile Childrens Hospital embarks on a behind-the-scenes episode journey that requires the viewer to be fairly well ensconced in the series or at least get the joke. So the mental stakes are especially high with “My Friend Falcon” which requires that you not only know that David Wain is a director of some of the episodes but who also plays Rabbi McJewJew AND that Just Falcon is not only a borderline loon but also based on Joaquin Phoenix’s borderline loon act. So, if you got all that, already knew all that or are okay with all that, you may continue viewing the episode at full throttle.

We begin with Wain informing us that he discovered Just Falcon and cast him in the early versions of “Childrens Hospital” [circa 1976] before moving on to casting him in the never finished prison epic “Penalties of Promise” with Cutter Spindell [the alter-ego of Blake, an inside joke, so to speak] but Falcon had a knack for taking the wrong things too seriously and, as a result, wound up with an ill-advised cobra tattoo on his chin that is the reason he must have his full beard.

Gradually, Wain explains, Falcon and Wain grow apart and Falcon begins taking roles for the noted director Denizen Stoop [Sam Trammell – “True Blood”] which include “ZZ Top: 3 Lives” and “Galifanakis” and all with Falcon in essentially the same loopy character. This appears to annoy Wain and sets up Stoop either as his arch-nemesis or, at the very least, somebody he doesn’t like – so when Just Falcon brings Stoop to the set of a shoot Falcon is doing with Wain, fireworks fly.

Wain eventually works around to the infamous/famous Russian roulette scene where a prop gun has real bullets in it meant for Just Falcon to off himself in the scene but Falcon, in classic Looney Tunes style, somehow misses his head and injures a crew member instead. A subsequent investigation found that Wain intentionally put real bullets in the gun.

At this point, Just Falcon takes over the episode and the perspective changes from being a documentary by Wain about Falcon to a documentary by Falcon about Wain. As this is beginning, Wain intervenes on the set of Falcon’s documentary about him, demanding to have it stopped, only to have the white coats drag him away to the Arthur Hamm Hospital for the Criminally Insane [another Looney Tunes as well as “Futurama” reference]. Just Falcon tries to finish his documentary but he couldn’t because “documentary films are really hard”.

The Poop and Skinny: The Arthur Hamm Hospital for the Criminally Insane is undoubtedly named after Childrens Hospital founder Arthur Childrens and the actor who portrays him in the series, Jon Hamm.

Glarion Rudge is played by Wain’s real-life wife, Zandy Hartig [who is also Nurse Dori].

Kerri Kenney-Silver [“Dealin’ With Idiots”] appears as an early colleague of Falcon’s.

The title may or may not be a reference to “My Friend Flicka”.

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