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Childrens Hospital Episode Recap: Season 5, Episode 8 – Spoiler Alert: Owen Gets A Perm

by on October 3, 2013

Chet informs everyone that he has done this sort of thing before.

Chet informs everyone that he has done this sort of thing before.

Synopsis: Owen gets a new hair style, Glenn loses his confidence in his pet mouse and his surgical skills and Blake constantly issues popular phrases and goes to live in the woods.

Details: Owen has decided on a new hair style – a perm – which instantly frightens all the females on the hospital staff. Meanwhile, Blake knows all the current hot phrases like, for instance, “spoiler alert” but does not know how to properly use them and everybody concedes that Glenn is the best surgeon in the hospital but Glenn attributes all his surgical skills to a tiny mouse named Chili who lives under his yarmulke [a concept he readily admits is vaguely similar to the animated movie “Ratatouille”] and is somewhat surprised when Blake points out that the mouse is actually dead.

The Chief, Cat and Chet decided that Owen needs to get rid of his perm and collaborate on a scheme to pretend to shrink him down to tiny size and have him travel through the body of a kid in the hospital. To achieve this, they drug Owen and then hire Michael Winslow [sound effects guy from the “Police Academy” movies] to accentuate Owen’s fake journey through the human body. But when Chet gets overexcited and shows up as a vampire within the kid’s bloodstream, Owen goes into cardiac arrest and calls for the best surgeon in the hospital – Glenn – to work on him.

At first, Glenn refuses to work on Owen but when Blake comes back from the woods, he convinces him that his real skills as a surgeon were shown after Chili the mouse had already died – thus proving that he has the skills that pay the medical bills.

In the end, Owen admits it was wrong to get a perm, Glenn is still the best surgeon in the hospital and everybody decides it is okay to be seen in public with Blake – maybe.

After fending off a variety of inane questions about the future, the kid lives, the doctor flees and Blake’s time at the top of the heap is over.

The Poop and Skinny: The frequently cited Omni Magazine was a science fiction magazine in print from 1978-95 [and for three years after as an online edition] founded by Kathy Keeton, wife of Bob Guccione [founder of Penthouse Magazine].

Chief wants to bond with Cat while they are pranking Owen and asks – “Hey, are you on Google-Plus”?

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