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Childrens Hospital Episode Recap – Ladies Night – Season 4, Episode 8

by on September 28, 2012


Synopsis: It’s ladies night at Childrens Hospital and that means ladies get a 50% discount on all emergencies and surgeries – that is, while they fend off the hormonally-raging male doctors – a condition which causes the female doctors to leave for a low-income lesbian bar. Also, Sy has weed.

A single mom endures a barrage of pick-up one-liners from the male doctors of the hospital while little Timmy has a sick tummy.

Details: Who let the dogs out? Woot, woot, woot, woot, woot! It’s ladies night at Childrens Hospital and that means several things – there are the discounts that the ladies get on all emergencies and surgeries, then there are the free one-liner pick-up lines they receive as they attempt to fend off the hormonally-blazing male doctors and it means the female doctors become disgusted and leave. While Blake, Glenn and Owen are busy trying to get busy with a single mom and her sick kid [whom they ignore], Glenn is called off the mom barrage to assist in delivering the baby of his mother, who is having a surrogate baby for an African-American couple [nice touch]. Meanwhile, the female doctors travel to the local low-income lesbian bar for fish tacos and discover the Chief is already the “chief” dominatrix of the joint. Lola winds up getting in an Indiana Jones-style shot-drinking competition with one of the local lesbians and everybody gets food poisoning [a la “Bridesmaids”]. The ladies eventually figure out that ladies night is really a sham and Cat and Lola are not really lesbian material yet.

The Poop and Skinny: First, beware Lola’s bearing gift canisters of peanut brittle – even ones without snakes in them. Second, the best line of the episode goes to Glenn’s mother who insists she has to go the surrogate mother route for extra money because she’s still paying off his medical loans. Third, Sy has weed. Other than that, this humdrum episode starts a lot of engines that sound ferocious but mostly stalls out in the driveway.

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