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Childrens Hospital Episode Recap – Free Day – Season 4, Episode 4

by on September 3, 2012

Synopsis: There are no more patients left in the hospital and Sy and Val have to go to the DMV – in other words, they will be taking a long vacation – so that means a free day and you know what means don’t you? It means organs, monkeys [but not, regrettably, organ monkeys], stem cells, campfires, dancing and poo jokes – lots of poo jokes.

Blake and Rosa do the dirty organs lambada – the forbidden dance – before eating stew.

Details: There are no more patients left in the hospital and Sy and Val have to go to the  DMV – which means a free day except for the chores Sy assigns to everybody on staff. Blake cleans the organ supply room, Glenn has been put in charge when he is appointed as the Temporary Sy and gets to reorganize the medical records while Lola gets the animal testing lab. Blake hooks up – or attempts to hook up – with cleaning lady Rosa, who takes him home to her Ukrainian lair. Lola is bored to tears so she injects a monkey with stem cells and makes it walk the walk and talk the talk. Chief sees the monkey, gets monkey love and stabs herself in the arm with some of the stem cell leftovers in the syringe and suddenly – the Chief can see again! She can see again! Oh right, she could already see…we mean, walk. Meanwhile it’s a party in medical records as Glenn quickly loses control of the remaining staff as they eventually coerce him to dance and then – suddenly a campfire breaks out and destroys all the medical records! The staff must replace all the medical records before Sy returns so Rosa – who used to be a hospital administrator before she was a Ukrainian cleaning lady – suggests calling everybody on the phone and re-filling out the medical records. The staff fills out one and free winds up being a very good price for the day’s work.

The Poop and Skinny: The poop literally hits the fan when the newly walking and disguised Chief finds herself in the middle of a poo-a-thon jokefest that hits the wall at about the 13-second mark. Instead of love, Rosa’s special ingredient for her Ukrainian stew is, predictably, discarded hospital organs. But the best part of the episode is Fonzie, we mean Sy, trying to admit that he was wro…wro…wro…well, if you know The Fonz, you know what we mean.

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