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Childrens Hospital Episode Recap – Eulogy – Season 4, Episode 14

by on December 16, 2012

Synopsis: Doctor Blake Downs died at the hand of Chief or maybe Detective Briggs [one or the other – take your pick] in the previous episode and Newsreaders are there to reveal the expose behind the scenes of his startling on-screen death seen by millions [or possibly hundreds].

The Childrens Hospital staff are left to wonder what a laughing “airbornimal” migh tthink of Blake’s death?

Details: Everybody saw it last week – either Chief plunged a fake movie knife into the gut of Blake Downs or Detective Briggs [Nick Offerman] shot him in the head because he thought he was a zombie – and Carmine from “Laverne & Shirley” was in the episode…oh wait, that part is irrelevant. Anyhoo, Blake is dead – or rather, the actor who played him, Cutter Spindell, is – but not because he was fake-knifed by Chief or fake shot by Detective Briggs, it was really because he tripped and fell on an exposed junction box [thus, seemingly electrocuting himself] on set while filming the episode showing his character’s death. This is the expose that the fake newsmagazine show “Newsreaders” explores with devastating spunk and zeal. Newsreaders host Louis La Fonda takes us behind the scenes as “Childrens Hospital” cast members attempt to cover up the death by substituting his voice with comedian Kevin Pollak and body with an obese body double and a green-screened face mask. Pollak improvises and performs Blake’s voice as Christopher Walken and Albert Brooks before settling on Blake himself. Eventually, everybody accepts Blake is just dead and various cast members are interviewed to give their thoughts on Blake with Glenn posing as Just Falcon [a la Joaquin Phoenix] and Owen tries to explain to a kid who doesn’t understand death that Blake really is dead – and not just dead on Monday or Tuesday but every day. Finally, Lola delivers the episode-ending eulogy that involves a reference to an airborne animal – an “airbornimal” – that laughs. But Blake is still dead – for now….bwhahahaha.

The Poop and Skinny: It could just be coincidence but if we didn’t know any better, we’re figuring “La Fonda” is a play on “La Fawnduh” – Kip’s girlfriend in “Napoleon Dynamite”. This is the Season Four finale – everybody to the BBQ deck for Mai Tais and margaritas. That is all.


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