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Childrens Hospital Episode Recap – Childrens Lawspital – Season 4, Episode 12

by on November 8, 2012

Synopsis: Lola spent her summer earning a law degree, which turns out to be handy as she has to defend Owen, who has been accused of slapping a kid to death.

Lola celebrates her legal victory with some cocaine.

Details: Owen is busy bullying Blake around when he suddenly gets arrested for the “wrongful death” of slapping a kid to death. Ironically, Blake is called to help the Jews go #2 – which is the same thing as jury duty in Childrens Hospital lingo. Lola steps up to defend Owen after announcing that she has no friends or pets and therefore spent her summer obtaining a law degree. Unfortunately for Owen – Blake is on the jury, eager to make up for his bullying at the hands of Owen and Lola can only be a functioning attorney when she’s been snorting cocaine. As Lola tends to veer wildly into the opposing traffic of English grammar and accusing the kid of really suffering from “benign epidural carcinoma” the benevolent judge allows it all but warns “you better be going somewhere with this”. Lola, of course, being a lady, never reveals where she’s going with anything and after a few snorts of cocaine, is not even sure where she is much less where she’s going with something. Eventually, Lola determines that the kid is faking his death and the prosecutor is, like, cool with that and stuff and everybody returns to wondering why Blake wears diapers.

The Poop and Skinny: The Chief is missing in action for this episode but Sy makes a few appearances wearing a sweater that screams “camp psychologist” and then proceeds to talk in tabloid headline language for most of the episode. The prosecutor is played by Nathan Corddry, the real-life brother of Rob Corddry [Blake] and the best line of the episode goes to….envelope please….”Lamaze was originally invented as a humorous fad.” That is all.

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